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  1. It's raining! And cold! Actually, it was warm and humid this morning, but a front blew in.
  2. Exhausted. Glad the holiday is finally over. Ready for things to go back to "normal."
  3. I munched on some random things around the house. Chips mostly.
  4. Traded for this absolute beauty. As well as this pretty little thing.
  5. I had this really weird dream the other night where our house was being invaded by bugs. Like, this tarantula pounced on our cat Zuko, and then he killed it...but then a little while later, I just casually walked up like, "Oh no, Zuko is dead..." because he was curled up and there were ants all over him... But then he just got up and shook the ants off him? It was so strange. And I kept stepping on these beetles, and it was honestly the absolute worst.
  6. Very, very stressed. It's unpleasant, honestly.
  7. It's been drizzling all day, but...it hasn't gotten any colder.
  8. It's gotten much cooler! It was actually 32 degrees F this morning!
  9. A little freaked out, honestly.
  10. A little stressed because my step-sisters are here for Thanksgiving week.