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  1. Since we're here, allow me to share a screenshot from a few days ago and just say: don't you just love it when there are a bunch of kitties in your yard all at once?
  2. My only two 2G dragons from spriter alts liked each other. Also, I've got this pretty child. Assuming it genders female like I've influenced it, that'll mean I have two different 2G bronze shimmers from thunder fathers. Finding each of them a proper 2G thunder bronze shimmerkin mate is gonna be difficult/will take a while, but it'll be so worth it when a 4G checker is possible. <3
  3. So strange that this thread was created! A friend just encouraged me to download this game a few weeks ago, and it's pretty fun and ridiculously cute. I just saved up enough gold fish to buy the yard expansion yesterday, which is pretty neat! Probably gonna save up to get the zen remodel. I've got most of the "common" cats logged now, so I'm gonna move onto putting out the items necessary for the rare ones. :3
  4. Hah, I managed to get "Too Gay to Function" which is pretty surprising. Figured it would have been taken because, you know. Mean Girls.
  5. Very nice and too pretty to toss back. Thanks Pestilence420.
  6. Ooohhh! I just bred a bunch of my 2G prizekin yesterday, without even knowing this thread existed. So, there should be some pretty 3G even-gen babies (siblings to things like this) floating around soon. I'll probably breed all my CB BSAs soon too.
  7. Yes, and I agree with your way 100% Fuzz. :3 --- Anyway, @Red2111, I know. Hope definitely trumps no hope any day, and like I said, a part of me supports anything that will at least mean breeding rejected pairs again is a possibility. But isn't having to wait until the V-day breeding period a big enough pain in the rear to begin with though? I mean, sure, you might get "lucky" and have a pair refuse only a few months/weeks before the V-day period, but there will be a lot of cases of people having to wait over half a year to attempt re-breeding their perfect pair. Is it really necessary to add on top of it the fact that even if they do breed again, they'll probably end up refusing each other again (possibly before you even get the egg you need)?
  8. Really, as long as there isn't a chance of refusal ever single time you breed a pair, then I'm fine. I can get behind it if the chance of refusal is higher when you try again during the V-day period, but I strongly think that once they've accepted each other once, it should stay that way. Imagine this: That one irreplaceable pair refuses each other. But you figure, hey, it's annoying but you can try again when the V-day breeding period rolls around. So when that period comes around, you breed them, and yay! They don't refuse. But what if they don't produce the egg you need? What if they're a difficult pair and either don't produce eggs or eggs of the breed you need? Every single time you go to breed them, you have to wait in dread expecting to get that refusal message again, forcing you to wait until V-day to try again. Can you imagine how frustrating it would be to have them refuse again before you get the egg you need? I mean...yes, I suppose that's still better than the perma-refusal we have now. But at least with perma-refusal, it's kind of like..."Okay, well this pair isn't happening and it's never going to, so I guess I can attempt to replace one of the mates." If this suggestion were the case though, with the aforementioned scenario, it leaves you kind of on the fence IMO. Personally, I'd be caught between attempting to find a replacement and waiting until V-day in hopes that maybe I'll get lucky and my dragons will not only not refuse again, but actually produce the needed egg before they end up hating each other again. I'm in support of removing refusals all together, though I doubt that will happen.
  9. ...I'm torn on this. Part of me wants to support anything that allows breeding a pair that's already refused, regardless of the details. But...the mechanics behind this seems a bit complicated and well...frustrating. (This is basically reiterating what's already been stated by PF13, but) I'd support this the most if we had another chance to breed dragons during the V-day period and it acted the same as though you were breeding them for the first time ever. Same chance of refusal as before, but if they accept each other then they're set for life and you won't have to worry about it again. All these little details and things just seem...unnecessary to me. I think that intricate details and mechanics can definitely work in a game's favor to make it unique and "better," but the mechanics you've laid out here feel overly-complicated and tedious. And while it does make sense that the dragons would be more likely to refuse again and again, like Zeditha said, it's just a game after all. Not every single piece of the game has to be 100% realistic. As for BSA vs. it just being a thing during the V-day period, well...I have no strong opinions there. I haven't read through ADP's thread (but I probably will soon) so I can't say I prefer one over the other. I just think something needs to be done about refusals if they aren't going to be removed entirely. I don't mind waiting a year to try breeding a refused pair again, as long as I know that there will be a chance eventually--even if that's still frustrating, it's better than what we've got now.
  10. Manage to stay active on DC long enough for Valentine's day and other releases.
  11. Couldn't resist that copper! Thank you. I don't have many low-gen Thuweds, so thanks again!
  12. I was so nervous that these two would refuse, but they didn't! Didn't get an egg, but honestly... It's gonna be such an epic inbred project.
  13. Because of a super, super, super, super amazing person, I have the required 2G dragons to start a beautiful Gold x Gold Shimmer inbred checker. I'm very excited. Let's hope for no refusals, hah. Anyway, thank you again, you know who you are!
  14. I can't believe the stand-up comic names I got. Brent Morin Jen Kirkman Anjelah Johnson Mike Birbiglia Iliza Schlesinger Just. Wow.
  15. Thank you so much, Shae! Just, wow!
  16. I'd like to reiterate how unhappy I am with the new eggs. They are the only part of this update that I'm truly displeased with. Just...the eggs look very flat and two-dimensional to me. Or maybe like they're translucent? As opposed to silver. They do not look like silver eggs to me. IMHO the old silver eggs only needed, if anything, a little more contrast in shading to match with the new adults/hatchies. I'm just...I hate to complain, because I know the artist worked really hard on these, but I can't help it. I don't think I'll ever get used to those new egg sprites. However, I will say that I'm 100% in love with the adult female. Everything about the adult female I adore. The male adult...I kind of agree with the comments about it looking like a feminine female silver with blue fur, but hey. I can get used to it, I think. Same thing with the hatchies, they're okay and I can get used to them. Edit to add: I'm ultimately very grateful for these updates though. Much as I (and a lot of other people too) loved the old sprites...I agree that they were in need of updates. <3 Another edit to say: I think the unhappiness with the male sprite is because they lost the bulkiness the old sprite had, even if biologically, it doesn't make sense. Also I'm really pleased with all of the two-head update. They look awesome! TL;DR - Burns doesn't care for the new egg sprites.
  17. Not gonna lie...I'm not all that happy with the new egg, mostly because I thought the old one looked perfectly fine...but oh well. Otherwise, I'm really pleased with these updates. The new female is my absolute favorite. The adult male and hatchies will take a little getting used to, but still. Overall, fantastic job to the artist! <3
  18. Oh gosh, LA requested this for me just for fun. It's so fantastic! That's actually my cat, and his name is actually Zuko lol.
  19. *laughs* Trix, compared to me, you're doing much, much, better. My highest level is 13. I've no skins/accents whatsoever. I know nothing of genes. I only have 70K treasure. I have no eliminates, berserkers, or ambushes...Honestly, I'm playing as a complete casual. You're doing fine. EDITEDIT: Bruhhhh. Just after I post this I got a berserker stone as a drop in the coli! ----------- Anyway. Wow. I guess I'm just unlucky af then. I've yet to run into any chests, I've been hunting in Earth for the past two days and no turkey...and wow. RNG is not on my side. Edit to say that I'm mostly farming in the Forgotten Cave now, so hopefully I'll get lucky. Did not get lucky lmao. I've also yet to encounter a normal chest (aside from...the cheap ones with just a couple hundred treasure) either. Good thing I'm just a casual. I'll probably kick myself every day in the future if I get attached to this site.