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  1. Well... I didn't actively write this poem for this specific contest, but I assure you that a multitude of work went into creating it, it's been tweaking about a thousands times now, and I hold it very close to my heart. (I did, however, spruce it up a bit into an image for this contest.) Again, this poem is a piece of me, so even if it doesn't win... it's nice sharing it with people! (Also, thanks so much for the opportunity!)
  2. I think I'm just too obsessed with Pokemon for my own good, so that's why I'm just like, hYPEHYPEHYPEHYPE (even if my expectations aren't that high, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fall in love with it regardless of what gen 7 spits at us)
  3. Don't care if another fire kitty is unoriginal af. I am so ridiculously in love with Litten that I die a little inside from the sheer cuteness every time I look at it. Rowlet is also cute. Both legends look epic, and will be buying both games because Pokemon is pretty much where my money goes. :'D Good chance I'll be SRing for shiny Litten on one game, and actually playing the game on another system while I do that.
  4. It's a happy day for Burns. A lineage I began gathering 2Gs for last September has finally come together. I was stumped up with two of them for a while, trying to get the proper 3G for months. Thankfully it didn't refuse its mate after all that time. Anyway, this little project of mine is finally done.
  5. Congrats on the gold avari. I can stick your toitles in Yarold's and a few other places for ya if you want.
  6. Ooh, welcome to ToO! ToO is only similar to DC in regard to art-style, really (and the more general fact that it's an adoptables site ). Growing creatures is not time-based, and you do not have to worry about death. Anyway, I'll drop some important links to check out for you. The New Arrival's Guide is very helpful, and any further questions can be asked at the TLQ thread. Lastly, the ToO Wiki is also a great place to check, where you can see all the creatures and info on where/how to obtain them. Crystals are a donation currency, $1 per crystal, and more info can be found on the donate page. Also, the lovely Infi is one of the many talented artists on ToO, so you might recognize some of her things if you're familiar with her style.
  7. Literally, same. I can't listen to Obstacles without my entire chest aching like hell, and that only plays on the good ending! T_T *is Pricefield trash*
  8. I just stared playing GPX+ again after a long while of inactivity. Somehow I managed to hatch one of each SWSH target though! Good luck, everyone else who's still hunting!
  9. Let the beautiful inbreeding begin. >
  10. Yep. It's best to try and catch it before they grow up, so you can manually cancel the trade so as to not waste the teleport. :3
  11. It's done! I started that silly little project a couple years ago, and when I went on hiatus I never got to finish it. A couple months ago I decided to pick it up and now it's finished! Unfortunately it's 14G so the first couple of pairs get cut off, but oh well.
  12. I usually wouldn't keep something like this, but you gotta admit, it's pretty darn cool. Thanks tjenni.
  13. I, xxBurningxx, swear that my Aegis' sprites won't change once they have had offspring. I love the pacified forms much more than the enraged ones, so both of my CBs (Two Whales Diner and Syd Matters) will remain pacified.