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  1. This absolutely gorgeous 2G Tinsel is on my scroll thanks to an awesome person. I'm so happy I could faint right now.
  2. 3 of my Indigos hatch in just an hour!
  3. Bruh it's too early to know, since the ratios still gotta work themselves out. I don't think it matters what we breed them with currently, they'll most likely spit out Lunars~
  4. Speaking of that theme, I got "Valkemare's Moons" just recently. I need to move it over to an actual Lunar Herold haha.
  5. I wouldn't mind either, honestly. Even though I have my fill of bronzes and golds, I would enjoy a few days of down-time, haha! Edit to clarify my point: I'd like a few days of down-time where I'm not locked with Lunars
  6. Opposite here! 4/5 of my bronzes have gendered male haha!
  7. Just noticed that TJ fixed his dragons so that he has frozen S2 hatchies now~
  8. Saaaaaaaaame I'm locked with rares so I can't grab more, cri
  9. Friendly reminder to keep a hatchery/DC fansite running in the background if possible! Still some lingering ER bronze Lunars floating around, as well as a bunch of ER AP eggs, and it's good to help out! On a side note, I cannot wait to see the fun "PB" checkers with these guys~
  10. Ahh, I usually grab and trade as many CBs of new releases as I can. I don't have a particular pattern or plan, I just like getting a bunch... ;;
  11. PLEASE. TJ--pls! This is honestly the most appealing suggestion I think I've seen in a really long time, and that fact that it was created by the site-owner himself means that it's actually something that might wind up being established! I love it! Edit: And even for newer users who haven't been here an entire year yet, that still gives people incentive to stick around~
  12. I wear glasses 24/7. Mainly because I inherited my father's absolute crap vision (he's like, 20/200, and legally blind without glasses). Currently my vision is around 20/90, so I can't really function without my lenses haha. And I refuse to wear contacts, partially because they freak me out and partially because I'm just really attached to glasses being a part of my "look."
  13. It's been discussed a little bit in this thread already (too lazy to go find the earlier posts hah), but I'm in support too. Not necessarily based off the moons, but just a simple "only having the 6-wing illusion appear at nighttime" would be awesome. I love the idea~
  14. Saaaaame--really hoping for a hybrid for our next release honestly. That's not to say that I don't absolutely love this release! It's certainly interesting and exciting, that's for sure!
  15. Yeah, the lag seems to have subsided. Wonder what happened haha! Not that many people on either, maybe it was just a little bug with the servers or something. I dunno At least the these cuties have been relatively easy to catch~
  16. 14. Purposefully splash some mud on the teacher who just so happens to be a White dragon.
  17. Didn't see a topic about this game, and tried searching for one and found none, so figured I'd go ahead and make it. Etherlords (Arena) is a really fantastic "RPG" fantasy-esque turn-based mobile game for Android and iOS. It's actually a remake of the older 2001 PC game, but it's got much better graphics and gameplay now (in my opinion). Here is a link to the main website, if you'd like a preview. It's really great and addicting! Unfortunately, it is a bit of a "pay to win" kind of game, but unlike a lot of other games, it's not entirely impossible to get Legendary warriors. My tip would to be compete in the arena as much as possible and rank high! I've gotten 3 Legendaries that way. I definitely suggest trying it out if you're bored and want something new to play. You can also play offline, which is really nice!
  18. Didn't really have lunch, considering that I woke up at 12PM! (But I did have tacos, which were basically breakfast and lunch combined).
  19. Homemade chicken and noodle "soup"--although the consistency of them is much closer to chicken and dumplings rather than soup haha. Still, delicious as ever~
  20. Breakfast tacos! My mom made them, and they were awesome~
  21. YES! Good--it's not just me. I'm getting some serious lag spikes. It'll lag really bad for a few minutes, then be fine for a bit, and then boom, another spike. I'm not sure what's up, haha.
  22. Yeah, they're slowly starting to mix I think, but there are still tons of them at the drops and 5 minutes shuffles.
  23. Haha welcome! Personally I'll probably call them indigos just because I think the word itself is kinda fun~ :3 And yeah I just got finished skimming through the wiki page for indigo as well. You learn something new every day!