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  1. Sore. I had to get blood drawn today to make sure that the antidepressant I'm on isn't negatively affecting my liver. But I have fickle veins and they always have trouble sticking me and this time was no different. I got poked twice before the lady managed to get my vein. Thankfully they only needed one tube of blood so I wasn't left feeling woozy afterwards. Yeahhh, my arms are sore though.
  2. BRUH. I only picked it up because of the code, but damn gurl that's pretty! Edit: Just checked to see who bred it, and sure enough, it was ADP! Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the site. I'll probably go take a look at it. ^^ I'm getting back into counseling soon, so I'll have someone to talk to about that. And also: sorry about that Sock! >_< It was like 2 in the morning and I was really stressed, probably should have thought about posting first.
  4. [Trigger warnings here: self-harm]. Well, I wrote a ridiculously long post but then deleted it because I didn't want to be obnoxious with my problems. So basically I'll write the TL;DR version of it here. While we appreciate the TW, we do ask that such topics not be brought up on this forum. Please get some professional help for these issues or at least poke around a forum meant to deal with these specific topics. <3 Sigh. I need serious help, I know. I'm supposed to start counseling again soon, but I doubt it'll be of any substantial help.
  5. Absolutely sick to my stomach because of school tomorrow. The more I think about it the more I feel like I might hurl.
  6. I got "Stereotypical Teenage Angst" which is the name of the book I want to write (if I ever do it). Also got "Navigational"!
  7. This. Once it hits the AP, it's anyone's game and they're not obligated to give it back. Also, it's possible the person who ends up getting it isn't on the forums, and has no interest in making an account. I don't really think you can say someone is keeping it from you when you haven't even been contacted about the egg? However, I feel like there a lot of preople who would happily return your egg if you asked politely (myself included). Maybe try changing the parents' names to lower case instead of all-caps. Something like "Accidental autoabandon" and "Eclipseheart on forums." Good luck getting your egg back! /on topic My current bad luck is that I've hatched almost 10 AP Blacks/Vines/Undines and they haven't alted. I wish we had specific odds on alt likelihood, haha.
  8. Ahh, my first indigo grew up! So beautiful!
  9. Woah, that was one that I bred to the AP! I'm glad it found a good home!
  10. RIP Well. At least I can AP hunt with all 6 of my egg slots now.
  11. I'm thoroughly disappointed.
  12. Right? The nervous anticipation is strong.
  13. Saaaame. I've just started a massive personal checker project and I want to start breeding 2Gs! But then again I need to save my slots!
  14. I will be severely disappointed if the silvers don't drop tonight. Mostly because I'm gonna have 6 eggslots by the time 8PM DC times roll around and I'm so ready for this drop
  15. Annnnnd my 30th 2G Prizekin is probably one of my favorites!
  16. I've got 5 egg slots open and the temptation to hunt is so strong it hurts. >_< But I know I've gotta keep those spots open for tomorrow, ugh!
  17. I just got the name "JackAsk" on a dragon and I'm super happy about that, but I'd like to check that name here before leaving it on my scroll. If it's not okay, I'll take it off immediately. But I would like to say that: 1. The word 'ass' itself is no censored on the forums. 2. The name "JackAsk" comes from a bit a famous YouTuber does, whose name is literally Jack Douglass, and the show is about people asking him questions that he answers (in humorous ways). Ergo: JackAsk. But yeah, I think it's fine? But it's always good to err on the side of caution and ask. ;;
  18. Traded for this beautiful little thing. Here's to hoping that the female influence works! That's my 29th 2G Prizekin! Didn't even realize I had so many...