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  1. Thank you both for your answers! It doesn't bother me that much, haha. I think I've decided to exclude deadlines from my list for simplicity's sake~
  2. I'm currently logging all my prize dragons, and I ran across this Tinsel that I have. It's a deadline. But I don't know what the original CB Tinsel was, so if someone could tell me, that'd be awesome! Here's the Tinsel in question.
  3. /jealous Nahh, out of all people who could have snagged those pretties, you're one of the ones who really deserves them Pippyspot. I'm glad you caught them, congrats! Anyway, I snagged this cutie who doesn't even have a lineage. Thanks to whoever dropped it! As well as these: This stunning 2G Pink from Bright Pink! Thanks Indy80! Pretty checker-esque lineage with Bright Pinks in the base. Thanks Multimango! Snagged as a hatchie, who gendered correctly. Thanks PolarVortex! Also a CB Lumina hatchie, thanks to whoever dropped it! I think that's all, as of late. Thanks all!
  4. Same. I think the only way we'll get a release this month is through a hybrid of some kind. That way people won't be quite as scrambled to get new eggs and so people (like me) could put off worrying about it for a while. A hybrid would be so cool. Fingers crossed!
  5. Let's see, lately I've gotten: Truth will Prevail International House of Pancakes () Life of Lies Life of Crime Compulsive Lying Disorder Compulsive Lying Chronic Liar Drop the Mic Physiological (again ) Fameless Probably some others I'm forgetting haha. I'm always running out of dragons to name.
  6. Well, somehow, between trading and gifts from super super awesome people, I've got five growing 2G prizekin on my scroll right now~
  7. All the reasons why not to support this have already been stated, so I'm not going to pile onto why this is a horrible idea. No support.
  8. I have a beautiful half-Siamese named Zuko! We got him as a kitten, from a friend of my step-dad's (whose kinda-sorta pet cat that lived outside had a little of kittens under his trailer house). He's got the body build of a "normal" or "average" domestic cat, but the markings and eyes of a Siamese! Although his paws are spotted white and brown~ He's real snooty too. The "alpha male" if you will. And he makes sure everyone knows it. But he's also the epitome of "scaredy cat" and will jump at the slightest things. Sometimes just moving your foot will send him 2 feet in the air with a puffed up tail.
  9. I have a ferret, who's very sweet and adorable...and quite silly too. I mean look at that little tummy--he's so cute when he sleeps!
  10. Snagged a Chronos out of the cave at the last drop! Yayyy, more trade fodder! Or maybe I'll keep it because Chronos are my favorites...
  11. Yep, I'm almost positive that's canon. I'm not sure about exact statistics though. My last three summon attempts since I've come back from a hiatus were failures. I really need my third so I can have a male, a female, and one frozen hatchie!
  12. Yayy, people are posting here! Went on a bit of a breeding spree, so I have updated stats: 1,337 total children now, which is 1.12 per adult. Also, the most children one of my dragons has is only 23! A fun note, on TJ's DC Records website found right here, the dragon with the most children has 201 offspring! (Not sure how up-to-date that is though...)
  13. A tortilla. Although I was so half-asleep I'm surprised I didn't choke on it.
  14. Topic approved by Sock. How many offspring exist from the dragons on your scroll? Allure of Neglected Dragons has a fantastic scroll statistics tool that will tell you! Just input your scrollname at this link right here, make sure the little box that says "show scroll statistics" is checked, and voilĂ ! Under "children" you should have a number there. Myself personally, I was shocked to find that I've bred a total of 1,267 dragons! That's more than the number of adult dragons on my scroll! Although I'm sure that number is tiny compared to some of the more active breeders here on DC... So, share with us! How many have you bred? :3
  15. Oh wow, that's super pretty! Anyway, over the past couple days I've snagged 3 CB indigo Lunars off the AP, which is great because they're my favorite color out of all of them and I will never have too many of them. Also, my 3G Tinsel from Penk gendered right, phew!
  16. A bit strange. I found a pimple starting to develop inside my bellybutton? I rarely get acne/pimples etc but to get one in such an odd place? Weird.
  17. Bred all 6 of my CB Silvers because I owe someone some 2G metals... Only one egg produced out of all of them, and it was a Chronos. Ugh.
  18. tj wat did u do Edit: The site went back down for maintenance but now I think it's even worse... It's fixed!
  19. Really? Hmm...then maybe it's just me, and for some reason my mind has decided to tag them as "uncommon" and not worth as much.
  20. Honestly, I think they've kinda hit their intended "uncommon" value. For 6 of them, I think you might be able to get a CB Silver if you're lucky. Or maybe a 3G prize, depending on the line.