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  1. Tired. A bit stressed and unsure about my future.
  2. I actually did that years ago (only the beginning though). See! Anyway, on-topic, I just got Pizza Rat, because you know. Overnight things that go viral.
  3. Saaaame! I loved this release, but I'm glad it's over haha.
  4. Yep. Just... At the last drop, after opening up around 90 tabs, I got /one/. And I am happily locked now.
  5. I'm in the saaaaaame boat and I'm actually starting to get really damn annoyed. Ugh. Edit: It's only 9:52PM here for me though, but I have a mother breathing down my neck telling me that I shouldn't be playing this game if it's annoying.
  6. Heh, I'd share some with you but I see mine leaving me and jumping out the window as we speak. Each 5 minute drop I end up opening like, 30 tabs but alas. No eggs for me yet.
  7. Ughh...I can feel my patience wearing thin. ;;
  8. In the same boat as you~ And with the same attitude; let the clicking continue!
  9. Already?? Ugh! That does worry me...
  10. Heh. Still didn't get any. ; Oh well, we'll have these babies for 8 days, I'm not that concerned.
  11. Well. I've been at every single 5 minute drop so far since 9PM with the flood, and nothing to show for it lmao. Hopefully the longer hour flood will grace me with at least a single egg.
  12. Ughhhh, I'm not having lag issues but I still can't get one...
  13. W0w, didn't get any at the flood lmao
  14. I have faith that they will flood here in a little bit~
  15. Saaame, if it's anything like the indigo drop
  16. I only have one egg slot, hahah. Oh well~
  17. The anticipation is stroooong.
  18. INTJ Introvert(80%) iNtuitive(19%) Thinking(44%) Judging(3%) You have strong preference of Introversion over Extraversion (80%) You have slight preference of Intuition over Sensing (19%) You have moderate preference of Thinking over Feeling (44%) You have marginal or no preference of Judging over Perceiving (3%) Another site I took this test on gave me INTP, so it seems like the last one is pretty close/same. Either way, I'm a pretty hardcore introvert. I'm so much happier when I'm alone, tbh.
  19. I'm only going to have...one...spot when the Silvers drop (assuming they do here in a little while). Ugh. Should have stayed away from the cave and AP! I'm also dreading the chaos that will probably ensue in the cave...
  20. Sorry for the thread necromancy and raising this one from the dead. Anyway, I just discovered that my wireless mouse has buttons that allow me to go back and forward on my browser pages. I have the middle scroll button set to refresh for hunting the AP/cave, and sometimes when I'd hit it funny it would take be back a page. I knew it was possible, but I never quite discovered what the magic trick to it was until now. I actually feel pretty dumb, because there are arrows on the mouse I never noticed before... >_< But yeah, definitely a handy tool I just discovered!
  21. Snagged a Thalassa out of the cave. Yay @ having more trade fodder~
  22. Apathetic. Also annoyed. Annoyed at feeling apathetic. Because it's the kind of apathy where I'm so bored and don't even know what to do with myself. Nothing sounds appealing. I tried to sleep, can't sleep. Tried to entertain myself with Dragon Cave, as well as the other adoptable games I play--not doing it for me. I hate this state of mind. Ugh. Ughhhh.