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  1. Because Ben from Parks and Rec is my favorite character, and the gif that's currently my av is one of my favorite scenes. <3
  2. Traded for 4x CB Autumn hatchlings! Which means half of my scroll goal for Autumn's is complete~
  3. A very contorted mixture of pure hot fury and depression. The latter being sparked by the former. And things had been going so well lately. It was foolish to think they wouldn't get ruined again.
  4. Same, didn't even see it. Sorry eclipseheart ;-;
  5. Was gifted a beautiful Tinsel by a really awesome user! You know who you are! poetic
  6. I'm not really sure what my brain was thinking, but I'm so exhausted that I just accidentally bred this ugly thing. Whoops. /shot
  7. I am now thoroughly annoyed. I have to go to my aunt's, which is never fun because it's just the entire family fighting in a house kept at 85 degrees Fahrenheit, but on top of that my stepdad is being an obnoxious prick. That's really nothing new there, but it doesn't mean that I'm any less peeved. AND my stomach has started to hurt. Just. Ugh. Gonna put the earbuds in and divulge in fictitious reality to distract myself.
  8. Yep, it's back up for me again as well. Seems to be fluctuating quite a bit. Hopefully it stays up for good now!
  9. Highly unlikely. Almandines are dropping a significant amount less than Spessartines it seems. I've yet to see one in the cave myself, much less obtain one. The only two CB Almandines I've seen for trade lately were both asking for 2G Prizes. (Now whether or not they actually got a 2G prize for their Almandine, I cannot tell you.) But yeah, I sincerely doubt you could get one with just two CB Spessartines, unless you get really really lucky. Although I have no actual experience trading them, this is just based off what I've seen lately.
  10. Entertained by an iOS game called Shadowmatic. It's a really neat puzzle game with stunning graphics (for a mobile device, anyways) and nice music.
  11. You're welcome! Glad it found a good home~
  12. Just sent around 25-30 prize dragons to the AP! Seriously, I got a surprising amount of eggs produced this time! So yeah, keep an eye out for those. (I mean, most aren't the prettiest, but a lot of them are at least clean; there were a few 4Gs and 5Gs in the mix though~) Also this cutie gendered right.
  13. Well. I bred all of my prize dragons. And the ones that didn't have proper mates were bred to random CB Whites, so if you see a multitude of ugly White prizekin, that was me. :/ But on the upside however, I sent about 25 - 30 prize dragons to the AP, with a lot of perfect (long-gen though) lineages thrown in, and a few 4Gs and 5Gs as well~
  14. Quite amused. Because I just scared the living daylights out of my ferret by accident. I was running up the stairs and when he saw me, he yelped (or, made the weird chirping/dooking noise that ferrets do) and completely puffed up. I mean, you could see the base of his tail his fur was so puffed. It was really cute and silly. Of course, once he realized who I was he was more pouty than scared. Like, "Moooommmm, why did you scare me? " while I laughed my butt off.
  15. From the Ground, by Hollywood Undead. Multiple bits of this song have stuck with me over the past few years. "It's a red night, and I don't see any light and then a flat line, I'm f** ready to die." "As I look up from the the ground, I see darkness all around, and I'm lost but can be found inside my mind, goodbye. As I look up from the ground, I see darkness all around, and I'm lost but can be found up in the sky, goodbye." //// Also this bit from Cops and Robber, a song by The Hoosiers: "Blame Simon, 'cause he said you got two lives down and one life left, Blame Simon, 'cause he said you could think better with a hole in your head."
  16. /jealous asf Stiiiiiilllll hot here. Very hot. Ugh.
  17. Just sent 4 prize dragons to the AP! I also snagged a CB Chronos, so yay for more trade fodder! :3
  18. Ughghgh, I'm trying to read Sherlock fanfiction but I keep getting distracted by Dragon Cave!
  19. Well then they resort to the old ways of protecting themselves (ie, hiding scroll and fogging all growing things) until they can get their hands on some of said BSA dragons. Plus, if the cooldown is short like I said, then even just a few of the BSA dragons would suffice to protect the most important things on their scroll. Edit: Also, that argument in and of itself is a bit vague, don't you think? I mean, that's the case for all BSAs, both ones that already exist as well as suggested ones. "What do people without [insert BSA here] do?" Well, they just don't have the option to use that BSA, simple as that.
  20. I like the BSA idea a lot. I think the cooldown should be short as well, probably 2 days like Magis. Edit to say that I do support API on the hatch sites. That wouldn't bug me at all.
  21. Aww, ruby! That's awful! I hope you feel better soon <3
  22. I just recently changed mine to a gif of Ben from Parks and Rec yelling "BAM" and then dropping the mic. And I am so ridiculously pleased with it now that I don't think it'll be changing for a looong time.
  23. Hooooootttttttt. Because you know, Texas.