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  1. She gendered right! Phew, I was so scared she'd gender wrong, despite the influence.
  2. Hoping to get a shiny Spectral Stallion :>
  3. A little uncomfortable. I'm waiting in the lobby of mental hospital while my mom visits my step-dad, who is currently in said hospital. It's very cold in here and I need to pee really bad, but there isn't a public restroom that I can use.
  4. Well, this wasn't exactly recent, but a couple of months ago my mother was making dinner, and I don't really remember what exactly she was making, but she ended up putting too much pepper in the dish. And me, with my annoying untactful mouth, blurted out, "Oh wow, are you gonna fix that? Because that's awful," upon tasting it. Obviously that hurt my mom, and so she was bummed out and made passive aggressive comments for the rest of the night. I felt really bad and tried to explain that like, I meant the excess of pepper was awful and not the dish itself. Of course that only made things worse. It's weird, because with anyone else I can be perfectly tactful. ;
  5. Leftovers from the Cheesecake Factory~
  6. Tired. Dreading...not tomorrow, but the day after that. Ugh.
  7. Right now, it feels nice. In the 70s since it's nighttime. But earlier today, it was hot as usual, in the upper 90s.
  8. I'm gonna buy HHD just to say I've played it, even though I don't expect anything near as fantastic as NL. I also /really/ need to check on my town in NL. Haven't been on in a few months and I'm kinda scared to see who left without my consent... Considering that like, 9/10 of my villagers were supposed to be permanent, and they were mostly tier 1 and 2, I'm gonna be sad regardless of who left. Let's just hope it wasn't one of my deer! (Which would be over 50% of my town population )
  9. Nothing, because I was feeling too nauseous to eat. Unless you count like, one bite of an apple.
  10. I am so ridiculously glad that my two 2G Xenos from Frills did not refuse. Now I have this pretty egg!
  11. Still hot. Like, this morning it was actually pretty cool and it felt really good outside (it was around 70 degrees F), but then the sun came out and boom: 95+ degree weather comes along to ruin any hope of enjoyable weather. I'm so ready for it to get slightly cooler outside.
  12. Nauseated. Ill. After spending literally 5 hours of last night just trying to fall asleep last night, I finally managed to do so around 7AM. Only to be reawakened about an hour later by my mom. I feel so damn sick.
  13. Stressed, to the point that my insomnia is flaring up again. I'm so ridiculously exhausted and all I want are a few hours of rest, but my brain will not allow it. These past few days have been the absolute worst.
  14. I just giggled at that comment so hard. Personally, I'm pretty hyped about sprite updates. Sure, it'll take a little getting used to at first, but I think it'll be fantastic. And I'm sure whoever did the new sprites did an amazing job!
  15. Bred five CB Silvers and got no interests from all of them. Like come on! At least try to spit out an egg!
  16. I never in my wildest DC dreams would have imagined I'd ever have two 2G prize dragons growing on my scroll at once. Just. Wow. Let's just say that they're both fogged, my scroll's hidden, and they will be carefully monitored~
  17. Just came back to Umbria after being gone since 2012. I barely have anything in my ambry. I just picked up a bunch of random stuff lol.