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  1. snagged these, thanks <3 gonna drop this silver off as thanks https://dragcave.net/lineage/02U7W https://dragcave.net/teleport/a087d6fa65f27...de8b9f47616b4b4
  2. https://dragcave.net/lineage/vL7WJ - 2g blue fire gem egg (from blue x celestial parents) https://dragcave.net/teleport/59356d0e32fad...bc84b793d13ca48
  3. There's just one s1 hatchie sprite, one s2 hatchie sprite, and one adult sprite.
  4. I usually refer to those as "twisted stairsteps." Like this. (Spirals are like this.) Anyway. I picked up a CB Xeno off the AP, so thanks to whoever dropped that~
  5. New Exeggutor form: "They told me I could be anything... so I became a giraffe. But also a dragon."
  6. Ostlean~ And major congrats! I really need to work on my hybrid rat collection haha. Anyway, dropping by for some shameless advertising for my 2G Noxsynth Dragon giveaway! (Oddity of Solsynth dragons, aka spriters' alt).
  7. Shameless advertising, but 2G spriter alt/oddity solsynth dragon auction! End date, rules, all that good stuff here: Here's the link!
  8. I may or may not have found a Golbat sitting in my house. It is now my strongest and most valuable Pokemon. And don't feel bad Ashy I'm still level 3 too. On another note, I haven't really been having any server issues today, but then again... I'm sort of a lump on the couch and haven't left the house.
  9. Yep. Frequent server connection error page, freezing, etc. Nonetheless, I've managed to stop at two Pokestops and got three Pokeballs and a 5km egg from the first one, and the second one froze and thought I claimed my stuff but never received anything. :'D I've caught Charmander, two Pidgeys, two Rattatas, a Venonate, a Zubat and a Goldeen. I really want to know what the egg will hatch into... but I really don't want to walk three miles to find out.
  10. I think... anyone who even slightly knows me... or has eyeballs and can see my sig... Knows that I'm complete and utter 100% Pricefield (Max x Chloe from Life is Strange) trash...
  11. Brave Frontier. Changed my leader to someone who doesn't negate status effects... forgot... took on the raid bosses who paralyze the whole squad and was promptly slaughtered. x_x
  12. Managed to auto-abandon TWO 4G prizes while breeding trade fodder. Good job, me. Hopefully whoever gets them is happy.
  13. Brave Frontier... started playing in 2014, lost interest after a couple weeks of playing (got to like, level 28) but have recently picked it back up. Now I'm almost level 90 with a 7* Kulyuk lead and the rest of my squad are 6* units... and I am investing time into learning what's good and what's not, and thus leaving the "causal" field and moving into the more intense stuff that consists about nitpicking over which type my units are, how I don't have enough imps, and how I'm terrible at crafting spheres. (My ID is 3943074746 if anyone who plays wants to add me.)