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  1. Will the new eggs still be dropping on the 17th (aka later tonight)? I really want one with that date
  2. Sent to above~ edit: can someone send me the dark blue flowers with the blue flower card is so beautiful~~ <3
  3. HAVE: 2G Gold AngelXGold 2G YuleXSilver 2G RibbonXGW 2G SolsticeXRA 3G White AngelXWhite beautiful checker (code like "miss u") 2G RibbonXGoN (code like "Mreow") WANT: 2G White AngelXGold, 2G White AngelXWhite, 2G White AngelXPretty mate 2G YuleXPretty mate 2G RibbonX GW Offers? Prefer parent names around 10-13 characters long PM me offers especially on ones not linked to trade
  4. Guys are the new eggs dropping on the 27th? I want to grab some now but I know someone who's birthday is on the 26th and… yeah I don't want that.
  5. Has anybody seen any new eggs/hatchies dropping in the AP yet? or is it too soon
  6. Do the new halloween eggs drop tonight guys? Or tomorrow night?
  7. well luckily you can still get them year-round! I had the same problem, really no fodder but then I found out about the change and I'm totally not worried The new western sprite has me in awe <3
  8. Guys are we able to breed our past dragons tonight yet? Or is it tomorrow night? I don't see any new eggs in the AP
  9. Hate to be "that guy" (well, girl ) but how often do these pop up? I'm on mobile and can't really go searching to find the answer. Thank you to whoever kind soul answers! ❤️ Edit: hey guys I took 1 day to get 62 eggs last year, was no problem for me! Don't be discouraged you can do this!
  10. Huh. Changing the link doesn't work for me :/ still stuck in the loop.
  11. If I have a hatchling that was laid on the 7th, and i've had it longer, and then I get an ER egg of the same breed that was laid on the 6th, how will they sort? Does it go by date of "birth" or just which one grows up first?
  12. I'm sorry if this has been asked before as no doubt it already has, but by any chance does the Fertility BSA increase the amount of eggs produced with Holiday dragons? Since they always produce on their holiday breeding season, it would otherwise be useless for them, right?
  13. Forum name: Andalusian PM link: PM List of Valetines I Can Breed: - 3G SweetlingXArsani checker -3G HeartseekerXRed checker < sibling -*Maybe* 3G ValentineXGold Checker if I can get a mate for her Can breed 2G commons/uncommons/possibly rares from Heartstealer List of Valentine's I need: -***High priority*** 2G Val09 from male Gold- parents *must* have name lengths like this if anything else, maybe slightly shorter. I am very desperate for this as I've been looking for this since last year, and I'm happy to trade absolutely anything and overpay for the perfect one. - 2G HeartseekerXGolden Wyvern, mate for her - 2G RosebudXCavern Lurker, mate for him Thank you VampiricOmen!! - 2G RosebudXWhite, nice length parent names please. - 4G HeartseekerXAlbino checker, as a mate for her List of Valentine's mates I need: - 2G Gold from Val09
  14. will these guys go to the 28th, 12 AM or the 19th, 12 AM? In other words, will I be able to pick one up that has the 28th written on it's page?
  15. Ok I got the first 4 reindeer, and can't figure out how to get back as I keep sliding on the ice thing. Help D:
  16. how do I talk to Luid? He's in the reindeer pen and i can't go in the house or over the fence to reach him
  17. I don't get it, once you start day 4 back in the house what are you supposed to do? I went outside and clicked a bunch of things which didnt do much. Nobodies coming and interacting with me.
  18. *jumps up and down with* :DDDD I'm toooo excited!
  19. Oh I meant I'm offering normal rare eggs for christmas's.
  20. Is it against the rules to post a trade in one of the threads wanting Christmas dragon offers? Since it is only a day away and I can hold the eggs I'm offering until it's bred, it wouldn't really be an IOU (I don't think anyway.) Just want to make sure. Thanks
  21. Hello all, this is my first suggestion, so my apologies if it's not a grand post. Also my apologies if somebody has suggested this before. As we all know about the new Sprite updates in July and now December of this year, which included updates to Nilia Pygmies, Hollies, Male Horses, Splits and Silvers. Many users, old and new, fell in love with these changes, however as we know there is controversy because there are those who have had love so much to the original sprites that it's upsetting to see something so beloved changed. Many lineages with tons of hard-work that have been put into them for years now don't work like they did. Now believe me when I say this is not at all pointed towards the Spriters, or TJ, or anybody for that matter. This is down to a matter of personal taste and/or how close are to the originals or the updates. And there's no way to satisfy everybody. Now, here is where the suggestion comes in. We all know how we have the option to change our game backgrounds easily and to suit everyone for themselves, for their own personal tastes, without interfering with anybody else. What if this was the same with the dragons who've gone under sprite changes? An option to view the certain sprites as new or original. Only affecting the individual scrolls who set it to see what they love. Hopefully this is possible to implement and simple to use. This option could either be under Account or the dragon Action page, and would be as easy as selecting your background as you can do now. And it would only affect that particular sprite, for example if you set it so you can view female silvers as the original, you would still view males as the updated unless you set them to original as well. This would make it so you could see every dragon you select to view as original, as the original. Your own or anybody else's. You change your mind and want to view them as the updated sprite? Simply switch it to the new ones as you please. Once again I hope this is a possible addition, as I believe it would satisfy everybody, and leaving no one feeling upset to see the old sprites leave anymore. My apologies if this wasn't written/explained clearly, I will edit this post a lot if need be. Thank you for your time.
  22. I agree with so much of what you've said here, and that last line gave me chills. To spend so much time collecting and breeding dragons you LOVE, and then after so much time they become something different that isn't what you fell in love with. What if DC made an option to view the changed sprites differently, like how you can change a background, that would make everybody happy. Wouldn't it? Is it possible?
  23. Holy wow, the Splits are *HOT*!!! And that's coming from a picky person. I'll have to get used to the female silvers, since those were my absolute favorites (Especially her face) but the males are very good.
  24. Ah okay that gives me relief! Thank you very much!! @SockPuppetStrangler Thank you too
  25. Dumb question, I know, but does anyone know for sure if the Autumns are still dropping in the caves strong? I need to collect a few batches and I haven't seen as much as usual >~<