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  1. Don't worry. I'll probably drop out of the game soon again anyway.
  2. https://dragcave.net/lineage/A34gL This had been very long in the making. Doesn't help I play so rarely now... Anyway. Anyone fancy a cousin? you know you want it...
  3. Since older Dragons are cycled out of ratios, it should be easy to flag store-bought Dragons (maybe only internally)and not use them either.
  4. now up to 9g: http://dragcave.net/lineage/bR0hD :-)
  5. the images are automatically calculated, yes, but there seems to be some general placement options like top, left, zoomed, center... hatchlings seem to be all zoomed to the center...
  6. I requested a very simple API feature (include breed info) a long way back... this would be an easy way to add this kind of fucntionality officially to fansites, if tj does not like to do it himself.
  7. Well, I thought i was done with this game, maybe i still am, but in the meantime I came back and bred those: 8g Avatar of Creation 4g Silver x Crimson 5g IB Silver x Avatar
  8. well, I'd really love to know if my eggs were any close to creating a wall - sadly, i was at work when they hit the ap.
  9. I bred my creations. Hoping for Expect a wall. (~120 eggs is probably not enough)
  10. no, and probably neither on the solstice, unless you mean "cb brown copper" as metallic, then yes, you might get it. :-)
  11. Same thing. though coppers breed a little worse its still quite easy to get a lot of 2g coppers for free.
  12. Remind me and my ~200 Avatars of Creation to partake!
  13. There's an additional problem, to your trade explicitly, morgianlefaye. I've run into that mistake quite for some times as well: If you have multiple eggs from the same line for trade, try to scatter them out a little. Many people just go for rarity, seeing 3 3gs from the same CB in the same trade post will serve as a reminder to them that IT AINT WORTH MUCH. Less offers follow. btw: http://dragcave.net/lineage/DlHC1 that's not a clean line. It will never fetch you a CB Gold. The spiral MIGHT fetch you a Gold, but currently - People are looking to get their Hands on 2015 lines.
  14. That's strange. I thought that waterhorses would be more common...
  15. You do know, that breeding ratios and cb ratios got seperated a while back? prime examples are coppers, pyralspites (easy to breed, hard to catch) and to an extent trios/blusangs (moderately easy to catch, tough as nails to breed) also, i do have to agree - if you want just any baby, use fertility. it seems to harm more than help when you want only the rarer outcome of a pair, but in general they produce more with fertility.
  16. Prizes don't breed like metallics at all. They have a FAR HIGHER success rate. (I'd estimate them to be borderline-common) Also, bred Pyralspites can currently go toe to toe with absolute ubercommons like crimsons or brutes. You can even get Pyralspites from Black Teas, for those who really know how bad breeding ratios work, this is a good indicator. I never said "won't work." I said that you need not be sorry when it takes a year or more, because that's THE EXPECTED RESULT - ubercommon to rare, takes around 150-200 breedings, ubercommon to common, 50-60. (some of those are so common, that you have almost a zero chance).
  17. that's anecdotal evidence, not based on a large amount of breedings. Care to guess how many People try to get 2g metals out of new Releases? How many do succeed? Yes, everyone can get lucky. Just don't expect to be the lucky one.
  18. Ultimately, it will take you a year on average to get a shiny out of a new release. Your personal stats may vary, but curling up crying in a corner because of expected results? Won't help much. Either give in and breed to something well established, or you'll live with the consequences.
  19. just speaking about the value: you'd probably need around 3-4 unrelated 2g golds to trade for a 3g tinsel or shimmer. if you can find such a trade is an entirely different beast. they might be around, yes, but not very often. I do not agree, however, with Iside above: a CB copper other than green is not a very special offer, it's something you can get almost all the time if you trade 2g metallics. (except for greens...)
  20. Actually, I'd want more diversity. just a ! everywhere defeats the purpose for a warning. it should tell me also, what I'm about to do. Kill and release looks almost the same, and that's what needs changing.. Not that we get a sign everywhere.
  21. there are some 3g prizes that are not worthy of a cb metallic, but usually, you could get ANY single cb egg for a 3g prize. as for the 2gs: bred eggs are worth literally nothing.
  22. If you want to produce prizes, do not breed to stuff that's out for less than a year. better yet, make that two years. Else you'll be in for a very long haul...
  23. bred eggs are usually at around 1/2 - 1/4th of the value compared to their CB equivalents. So, no, there's no way you can get a CB trio for a PB trio. What you could do, is hatch it, add something else of similar value and then try for it. still, ist very hard to get something that's not common to hunt for something thats bred from an uncommon. @MessengerDragon: it's hard to give advice, when you don't tell what exactly you want.