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  1. ive played wow before and didnt like it all that much using the free version
  2. i would want to have a sidekick from skyrim anyone would do
  3. o want several listed but i got only one it would have to be xbox 360
  4. i was watching a video of it with my bro and i couldnt even finish watching itt
  5. does anyone know when white 2 and black2 come out
  6. someone should make a poll about how cool this is
  7. u might if u tell me what guild wars are
  8. no i do not have one and i want one so bad
  9. ive never played guild wars 2 can someone explain it
  10. i dont like minesweeper all that much but i do play it when i get bored
  11. i love minecraft it is such a fun game i love fighting enderman
  12. i love black and white i love these games
  13. im so in love with that game
  14. 1 my wierd fears 2 my not knowing when to stop a joke 3 my falling asleep in a car at random times 4 my getting bored easily 5 my adhd 6 my paranoia 7 my insecruity 8 my felling alone 9 my pervertedness 10 my lack of being exciting
  15. i want a puffin i think it would be cool to have one they are so cool
  16. im the oppisite of a isomniac i fall asleep in a car whenever i get in one and its moving its kinda cool but bothersome
  17. you know you have played to a pokemon to much when u get in a fight u say go jim jim used uppercut
  18. i dont care what other people are but i am heteorsexual
  19. i love chocolate ice cream the most its my favorite
  20. i am a boy scout and i went rock climbing at a campout when we played black out at the gym at out camp i fell from 15 ft with my leg locked and i couldnt move my leg i lost my felling in my leg and couldnt walk