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  1. Cute s1 hatchie sprites on the starry eggs! I love the little nubbie yellow horns(?) they have.
  2. definitely lol, i can barely even see the eggs before they're gone again and the alpine seems to be struggling with the traffic.
  3. Cool, can't wait to see them grown up ❤️
  4. Looks like my royal blue and BBWs are hitting the ap right now, all the bbws are PB and there's some nice lineages mixed into the royals
  5. 3g silver x mint, thanks dirtytabs! i'll try to continue it.
  6. Been hopping from medication to medication for the past 6 months now and it's doing a number on me! Another day of sitting at home doing absolutely nothing! These months have merged together and nothing feels real anymore ❤️ I just want to go back to work y'all.
  7. I'd love a CB female soulpeace. Id also love a winter dragon laid in the middle of summer, like, July. That'd be pretty cool.
  8. A CB monarch https://dragcave.net/lineage/SwUGZ What's a SWUG? (offsite, language warning)
  9. I need a winter magi x white unrelated to him, can do bloodswap as well if you want Bloodswap for her
  10. I love the idea of having an "OG DragCave" skin to choose from.
  11. I think this is unnecessary. Is it really so hard to click one more link? It takes you 3 seconds tops.
  12. I need a CB hellfire wyvern, but now that I need one they seem to have disappeared whenever I look 🙄
  13. Caught a swallowtail with "shut" in his code https://dragcave.net/lineage/shUTh Love catching code dragons from the cave!
  14. GTA Online, had to switch servers because another player was targeting me whenever I respawned. He kept shooting me
  15. Yep, holiday dragon artists get alts of the dragons they create.
  16. I think I was viewbombed last night. My Aeon egg got an excessive amount of views, and got sick. I hadn't put it into any hatcheries. Luckily it's no longer sick, but I'm just wondering what I did to piss someone off.
  17. Right? I like to hunt in the early-morning, I'm more likely to catch rares, but it's been 40 minutes ):
  18. Biomes have been empty for 20 minutes. What gives?
  19. It's so long to prevent people from grabbing cave blockers and throwing them in the AP which would disrupt the ratios.
  20. I wouldn't like the limit lifted entirely, but maybe raised to four
  21. https://dragcave.net/lineage/oGSJE This correctly-gengered pumpkin hatchling!
  22. I hope christmas is the same way. Unlike halloween, I usually miss christmas on DC so I'd love the chance to fill out my scroll with missing christmas dragons.