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    Wish List-
    Honestly just any metallic dragon (Gold, Silver, Copper, Tinsel, Shimmer)

    PB 2-gen Alt anything really. Blacks, Vines, Undines, Spinels, Striped.

    I'm not so good at catching CB things, especially metallics, so any help with those would be greatly appreciated. I'll trade, breed, gift anything for rare CBs.

    I'll take any Gwyvern I can get my hands on, as well.

    If anyone would like something from my scroll, please feel free to PM me. I can breed most of my dragons for you, plus I occasionally breed a bunch of my rares and drop them in the AP.
    Currently I have a ban on my posting and PMing privileges for some reason so I can't message anyone back. My apologies. Just ask for something and I'll do my best to get it for you. If you have somewhere I can send you the link for the trade please let me know.

    Also, QueenAquariusDragon, you are such a saint. Thank you for the birthday wishes and I send you some as well.

    Little about myself...
    I am a junior in college.
    I like video games; Xbox is best.
    I like dragons. Obviously.