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 I will gladly breed any of my CB BSAs. I collect Turpentines! Searching for 1 of each gender Almandine, male Spessartine, metals.

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    Undead - adult & sprites
    Green - hatchlings
    Heartseeker - hatchlings
    Mistletoe - adult (for sprite unlock)
    Neglected (duh)
    Black - sitting alt
    Spirit Ward - THE GLOW ALTS

    I collect Tinselfails, Shimmerfails and Turpentines.
    Turpentine Army: 70

    I took the Named Dragon oath. Any unnamed dragons on my scroll have their interesting code treated as their name. Or are a product of my laziness and extreme backlog.

    CBs of the following
    * male and female metals, 1 pair each
    * male and female Pyralspite Almandine
    * male and female Pyralspite Spessartine