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  1. Yes! I hate to admit it...but I just bred all my common pairs and silver pairs that I'm no longer interested in breeding to keep to get them off the breeding page for a week...I have well over 200 dragons. Now that scrolls are getting longer, I think that we need some changes like this.
  2. I love a nice full ap--I've completely forsaken the cave these days. You can abandon immediately if it's not what you want instead of waiting five hours, and you can get plenty of cave-borns. The only cave-borns I haven't gotten off the ap are golds--I've gotten 2 silver cave-borns from the ap, and plenty of everything else, including dinos and a paper that I threw back. I love breeding. I don't think the clogged ap has much to do with too much breeding--it's just an outgrowth of how much the game has grown and how many more people are playing now. The good, old days are gone and they ain't coming back. It's the nature of the evolution of the dragon cave--with exponential growth comes change. Totally agree with the analogy of the Lost in Trades thread--what starts out as a fun kind of everyone joining together ends up with some feeling entitled to getting their Lost in Trades back. I don't think that there is any such things as the "Ethics of Breeding" at the dragon cave--it just doesn't apply to this game at all, as far as I can see. As some said above--I'm playing according to all the official rules, and that's all that's ethically required.
  3. I can see your point of view. I don't really mean "they are only pixels" to mean they are unimportant. I enjoy my scroll--especially naming, breeding, and creating lineages. I just don't like seeing "responsible" and "selfish" thrown around. I find the title of the thread to be overly dramatic and might respond better to an appeal to the logic of the game rather than the morality of it all when the whole point is to steal eggs. Also, because the vast majority of folks don't participate in the forums, an oath like this seems like a drop in the bucket. Still...with the site down for more than a week now, threads like these are all we've got!
  4. Responsible breeder...of computer codes attached to images in an online egg stealing and dragon breeding game. Hmmm...no such thing. I enjoy breeding and seeing who gets them and what happens to them. Since I add eggs and dragons to the game for others to get, I'm a good player who is contributing to the health and welfare of the site. Responsible vs. irresponsible, selfish vs. unselfish--these just don't factor in at all. It's a game with no flesh and blood creatures involved.