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  1. I'm up to 3, lagging behind quite badly!
  2. *winces* Perhaps not for me, I'd imagine it would feel pretty weird to have a sock digging into your toes? Socks or no socks? Socks, definitely. Matched or mismatched? Matched, I saw some of those ones that were purposely mismatched in the store the other day, it was a learning experience. Colourful or plain? Plain, most of my ankle socks are white and my regular are black so it's easier to find pairs. Ankle, reguler, or knee-high? I normally just wear regular, however in winter I'll wear ankle socks and then regular socks on top of them.
  3. Congratulations to all the owners of the new eggs :')
  4. Dad's side is solely English, and mum is half Irish and half English.
  5. That still annoys me to this day, he was just so angsty :s. I mean, I don't mind when they have thoughts like that for a few pages or so, but this to me went on endlessly. It got to the point when I had to put down the book for a while and read something else. Too much negativity . My number one pet peeve is Ron. Something about him just bugs me, to the point that when I reread HP I have to skip parts of his dialogue. I don't like the best friend that turns the protagonist against his other friends, so I'd prefer it if the protagonist (Harry, talking to you), was a bit more willing to stand up for his friends against his friends. *deep breath* There.
  6. The celebrity I'm most annoyed by is probably Justin Bieber, not because of his music (although I dislike it), but the way he's been acting rubs me up the wrong way :s. Beyonce and Ed Sheeran also annoy me, but I think that might be because I don't understand why people like them. So whenever their music comes on I just change the channel.
  7. I've never wanted to be married in a big white wedding, to me, personally it's just something that's quite expensive and provides good photo opportunities. If I were ever to be married it would be at the registrar office or something like that.
  8. 1) Belly. 9 2) Ribs. 9 3) Underarms. 4 (it tends to hurt tbh) 4) Neck. 7 5) Back. 4 6) Feet. 10 7) Sides 8 I'm fairly ticklish. I don't even squeak, it's more of the scream of a dying pig, y'know?
  9. My hope has slipped away that the Gold prizes just haven't been distributed yet... Always the redraw, good luck everyone and congratulations those who won:)
  10. Has anyone won a Gold yet? /stillhoping
  11. Didn't win put congratulations to all that did (I did end up setting myself up for disappointment)
  12. My wardrobe pretty much only consists of greys, whites and dark navy blues... with three pieces of burgundy. I do have others but they tend to be clothes that I wear under my greyscale ones. ... I like grey.
  13. *shakes fist at the computer monitor* BARROWMAN. Ack, I sort of wish I didn't know about this topic, and that the winners had already been picked. Maybe then I wouldn't be continually refreshing my browser and email. Such hard life, much tiredness.
  14. This waiting is playing with my nerves :c. I've never been a very patient person, and the waiting is even worse now that I have a slightly larger chance. I've already decided what I'm going to name my Prize if I got one with (Liesel from Book Thief) its code (Thief) and its mate. Setting up myself for failure: check.
  15. Good luck everyone Will the increase in the prizes make the breeding more difficult, though?
  16. Mines brown but under light it looks more auburn-brown. But I do like blonde hair, but like, the darker sort of blonde. Not the platinum blonde that comes straight out of a bottle. Hair colour is hair colour.
  17. When I was younger I think I wanted to be everything at one point: actor, doctor, lawyer, gymnast (I'm blaming London Olympics for that one), astronaut and a Youtube for longer than I care to admit :s. Over the past year or so it's kind of become more stable and has been narrowed down to a speech therapist or maybe an interpreter.
  18. CB Soulpeace... Is that allowed? It would look perfect <3
  19. I'm in I'll name all my new 2015 flamingo's as A *something*, and so that at the end of the year they will all be at the top of my scroll alphabetically. https://dragcave.net/user/LittleIslander
  20. Your score: 157 Gender: Male Age range: 16-19 Best score for your gender and age range: 0 Highest score for your gender and age range: 1520 Well that's embarrassing Knew my eyesight was bad but it seems a little extreme.
  21. My dragons from a few months ago + tend to be weirdly named and I have no idea what was going through my head as I named them, lots seem to start with the suffix 'Od', as in 'Odarias', 'Oldicia', and 'Odtarrah'. Since then however, I've taken to naming my flowers after genus'/species of plants. For example, my blacks are tend to be variations of different types of iris', while the new Christmas dragons are respectively called 'Viscum rotundifolium' and 'Viscum capense'. There are still some from my first couple of months on DragonCave, c. 2012, that I just look at and I think 'what was I even thinking?', but I've chosen not to rename them because I feel like they somewhat document my thought process'... in a roundabout way.