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  1. I haven't put my eggs in on any click sites yet. I'm a little scared too. I'm letting them run a little longer before I slowly put them on sites. So it won't go overboard.
  2. Did anyone else get a downtime for the forums? I did. Anyways, I'm designing a mate design for my -secret- project that I'm working on right now.
  3. Yay, congrats ILD! She sure is pretty even though she represents the very symbol of oppression to Felisfire
  4. Well, my O6 feli I'm wanting to edit myself is one out of the only two 06s I actually used. I didn't sit around and make the other O6s, which I deeply regret now. I think I'll play with the LD is a little bit and come up with a design, because I have plenty.
  5. I was thinking about starting a project that involves creating a custom feli out of one of my 06 felis the hard way. I need a mate for Alisander.
  6. Is s/he a new user? I think it would be best to politely inform him that Lights On/Off is no longer being played now, I would think.
  7. Star, I would love if you could bring me a shake or something. It's morning here, but I don't give a darn.
  8. I got one edit, and it's a Zerda for the bunny rebels. I wish I knew who was throwing the bunny rebellion avatars and helping us out
  9. Wait, but did you click the option to use it? I meant upon receiving the coat bleach from ToTing it just automatically affected your cat.
  10. Welcome to the, Leana. Let me know when you can log in and be sure to pass on your ID number to the rest of the thread so we can bombard you with love and gifts! ILD, you don't mean to say that the Coat Bleaches/Stains effect the active cats right away, right? I would take down my avvie cats if that happened because Sigal is my favorite.
  11. Shuckbuddies and Labulets. My day was made.
  12. Yes, yes it is you guys. So if you come on OUR side (where we have some sanity) you can get one of these beautifully themed carrot designs.
  13. Rebels Rebels Rebels <3 <3333
  14. I still haven't got an edit, man. At least I head the Resistance.
  15. That is because we resist. We our the Resistance. We have the freedom to change our avatars!
  16. ILD, how dare you oppress the natural rights of the people.
  17. I am horrified by your cult like The Avvie club. As leader of the Resistance, I will crush the Avvie dystopian!
  18. Ugh, I keep forgetting the brightly colored spots eggs are the weird looking dragons I don't like! Boo. And it was during a cavedrop so I can't get rid of it until late tonight.
  19. I noticed! I wonder what they're supposed to be.
  20. Check the candy thread, gjh. I always check there.
  21. Back from school and already hitting up FF for treats until I have to leave. I have unfortunate news though, none of my dragons turned into zombies this year! Aww. Oh well, that's just my luck it appears. I'll be better prepared next year. Until then, tombstone decorations, whoo!
  22. All 5 disintegrated. What a shame. I'll make sure to make more zombie fodder next year. Oh well! But I'm glad to hear everyone else had successes.
  23. Sure, I could always collect a bunch of ToT candy such as Bit-O-Bukus to make him female. I need females. I'm actually planning on genderswapping a lot of my cats so I have more of a breeding operation going on. Gosh I sound like a cattle cow-calf producer...