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  1. Well the madness of ToTing is finally over. I feel like everything is returning to normal again, lol. Back to focusing on breeding and selling the babies for profit. That sorta sounds bad! Anyways, anyone know how I can get a hold of a Quku Butterfly? I'm willing to sell or trade something for one!
  2. Hey Star, did you ever get my Shucks package I sent you? I don't remember getting any notification you received them.
  3. Ahh that avatar ahhh how cute <3 ulalena, hand over that avatar. It's too cute. Well, I'm trying to figure a way to get a Quku Butterfly. I was thinking about trading an Easter Egg for one, but is it really worth it? I need it to finish a project.
  4. -Bothers Star- Go check FF real quick. I left you something~
  5. Thank you for dropping it, it's a really awesome lineage! I just wish I could continue it!
  6. We're all human and there is still the undeniable fact that it was in the past and this is now. Besides, arguing about won't do any good because this is what got the discussion halted in the first place. Let's just forget and move on, because there's still other issues that are being discussed. Well, I didn't know those right were being denied and I have to say, that's just flat out wrong. I know their has been arguments thrown around like, "America just isn't ready yet." but I know Maryland and Maine's voters approved of same-sex marriages which is great. We can't say "All men and woman are created equal" while denying the LGBT community their rights.
  7. Uhh, ShinyTomato, I do have to say, Kat was speaking on the date of the election is you haven't noticed the dates and times she posted while in the thread. Election is a time of high frustration and emotions. I don't think you should hold her accountable to that. I know I cried a little when Romney lost and went to bed earlier than I would normally because I was so stressed. Besides, today is November 10th, and the election is done and over with. Edit: Day after, my bad. Although it wasn't long after the 6th, soo...
  8. I have no idea. That's a good question though. I don't even have any of the normal Guardians yet
  9. Well, I didn't want Obama to win, and I didn't want Romney to win, I still would have wanted Romney to win anyway. But the election is over and Obama is the president still so oh well. I'll acknowledge it. I just still getting into politics because I found a strong passion in it. So I think that's why I've been following the thread so much. So, why don't people educate me on their views? I'd love to hear arguments from both sides of the political spectrum. I have my views though, and I won't come out with them yet, but I just want to know some of the arguments that are out there to be against certain things or are pro on another policy, or whatever. To be honest, I view myself believing in a lot of Democratic views, but disagree with some big ones and have a more conservative leaning toward it the situations. I have a question though, since I don't exactly know, how is the homosexual community being denied their rights other than the obvious being denied marriage issue (which by the way, I fully believe in marriage for everyone. So don't think I don't support it because I do.)
  10. Wow, that looks pretty cool! How do you decide on who wins and stuff?
  11. It's good to try though So I'm taking care of my baby felis right and organizing them in the correct rosters, but what is this racing think gjh is talking about?
  12. 45,000-50,000. I'm not making it simple on myself at all
  13. -Hyperventilate- Aghhh it's so gorgeous! And sorry I've been out too, this past week of school demanded my full attention so that's what I've been giving them. I have a three day weekend now so it gives me time to work on NaNo and finally get my game started. Plus I gotta start rebreeding my kitties.
  14. http://dragcave.net/lineage/AgICK I did a little happy cheer.
  15. Oh my gosh, no, I love it! I adore it so much, thank you! I'm putting it in my signature ASAP as soon as I resize. Thank you so much!
  16. I love that Guardian ah mah gosh <3 And a Jeyli Shark will give you the Fury marking.
  17. That Zerda, absolutely gorgeous. Well, Rai, to answer your question, you get one strand per use. So after you use it, that's it! You use up all the strand, I suppose. Which I'm not sure I understand, but I'm no genetic scientist. It would be great if it was recyclable, I wouldn't have to keep pulling DNA over and over to gencode.
  18. Mmm, chicken. We cooked on of ours not too long ago. Last Friday actually. He didn't have a lot of fat on him at all, which was nice because it was all delicious dark meat. My mom was complaining though there wasn't a whole lot of white meat since she hates the texture of dark meat. But it was a rooster, so they don't have the breast muscle like hens do.
  19. I completely agree with you.
  20. I would do the same gjh. He's already built a bad reputation for himself so, yeah. It's not right for him to go around begging and expecting to get it.
  21. I cannot stop ToTing. I'm addicted to it. Augh.
  22. Just got a Tolno Chomping Plant! I was so sure I wouldn't get it, haha. Anyone want to trade 5 Saya Syrups? I need them.
  23. Oh it's for a Revival Elixir. Okay. That's pretty neat, I guess.
  24. What are Eternity Light Stones even for?
  25. Shoot, I can't even ToT that fast. Congrats Katia! And by the way, hi there So I'm in between ToTing and reading. I'm trying to get some reading done for my English class because we have a minimum of 700 pages per quarter. I'm downloading GIMP too, and I really would love to write my NaNo, but I I suppose that will have to wait until later tonight.