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    Hey y'all who come to read this, my name is Violletta! But you should really call me Vio because that's a lot less work to type and I like the sound of it. Yo.

    Uhh, anyways. I'm an American that goes to school. I'm a junior/11th year student. I take a lot of hard classes so if I happen to be in the middle of something and then all of a sudden disappear or make some post like I'm freaking out or something, it's simply because I either remembered to do an assignment, or I'm freaking out over something.

    Anyways, my entire family are horse breeders so therefore I love horses so much that Horse dragons and the color purple are my obsession.

    CB Golden Wyvern
    CB Gold
    CB Silver
    ANY Neglected
    CB Thunder/Magma/Ice
    CB Royal Blue
    Golden Wyvern from Winter Magi/Christmas 11 and Golden Wyvern Lineage (It's my dream lineage :'D)

    By the way, I have no idea what IOUs are, so don't ask me until I figure it out! And yes I'm dead serious.