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  1. Wow, I remember these. I have a tin full of them somewhere in my room. Looking back, I don't see why they were so popular. They were literally just rubber bands formed into shapes. :/
  2. Leaving DC for a very long time. Just decided to log in today to see what was going on. I've just realized how much I've missed this place.
  3. That Portal gun. It is amazing! And that chain mail! The chain mail is sooo good. I really really really like it!
  4. Funny you mentioned that. On my first ever world, I spawned in a Tagia biome in a small pond. I kept on drowning and respawning, then drowned again. The glory of my first world was ruined lol
  5. I hold my pencil like this. I've done this as long as I can remember :3 Honestly, I don't remember if this is the 'proper' way or not, but I have a callus on my middle finger because of it.
  6. Does anyone know where you can get a Ditto? I really really want to train one, but I don't have one registered in my Pokedex so I'm not sure where I can catch one.
  7. Support!! I have 'accepting aid' on, so this isn't much use to me, but for the poor users who get their eggs view bombed (that is the correct term, right?) by those who are trying to 'help', this is a good suggestion. Also, how is
  8. Thanks, purplehaze! I was worried that I wouldn't get a sitter on time! Edit: I don't know if you'll see this, but I'm baack! thanks
  9. Scroll Name: sushi9 Forum Name: sushi9 What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sat: Scrollsit ALL the eggs and hatchlings! How Long will you be gone: until the 30th of December What Sitter's list do you want to be on: any that is available Also, I use AoND and Valley Sherwood
  10. LOL My friend just gifted me a stripe she didn't want from the AP, looked at its lineage, and it is descended from one of my draggies!
  11. First Name:I am a stripe with a whopping 23 children. Nickname: I am a Thunder with two children Middle Name: I am a White with 21 children Last Name: I am a Bronze Tinsel with three children DC Username and Forum name: No sushi9 ;(
  12. Wow!! Thanks TJ! I was just in the cave going wha?
  13. Swipes all your black alt hatchlings!
  14. My main language is English. I am a weak speaker of Spanish. Learning Hangul/Korean. My friend is trying to teach me French. No offense intended, but I'm having a hard time with the French and wonder if I should call it quits...
  15. Greed: A Deadly Sin Not my best work, but I'm not really good at poetry.
  16. I want to participate! Username: sushi9
  17. I wish they had added tombstones Those would have been cool. Anyway, do you guys like teh new update?
  18. Funny...I'm not getting anything...
  19. My first death is very noobish. I spawned in water and did not know how to breath. This started into a cycle and kept on going until I paused the game and went to the minecraft wiki and learned to swim :3
  20. Argh!!!! Where can you find ground-type pokemon that are 17 lvl or higher? I need some for my battle with Elesa.
  21. I loove tea!! I never use sugar. I've acually never tried it, and also I have never used milk. Just a plain ol' tea drinker, nothing added.
  22. Before I remembered that we were doing Trick or Treat this year, I raged at this pile of coins because it was getting on my nerves. Then my BFF told me I was supposed to click on it. My face: