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  1. This feels like a dream, it's so good! THANK YOU so much, oh my god!
  2. Hello! Is there a group of people / project / etc for cleaning out common dragons out of the AP? I know there is Cave Plumbers for the cave, but I'm looking for something similar for the AP..
  3. Sorry if someone else already asked this, but how many flowers are there? I got 58 so far! By the way, i LOVE this event, might be my favorite in years!
  4. Hello, I made a dragon cave style for the browser addon Stylish. I wanted to ask if I'm allowed to "advertise" it here in the forum? Right now I have it in my signature and one post.
  5. I just think that, if the background is white, the main color blue (for links / accent) would be nice. Also, St. Pat's and Portal themes make even less sense, don't they? I love the light version, but I personally would prefer the header new-default style (logo/"Dragon cave" on the left, navigation on the right, both in one line)
  6. I personally think that that is still too much, it's a color that is rarely find on other websites. I also realised that I would love the navigation of the now-default theme, because I like it way better than these huge script buttons.
  7. I agree with the blue colors. They seem very "default" without being too boring with black and white. And I would love to see a mockup!
  8. I just realised that Incubate is a thing. So I guess: not doing that for the last five years.
  9. I'd love to have a new site skin for dragon cave (besides the Portal 2, St. Patrick's Day, etc. skins that already exist), which is just simple black on white (or other colours that aren't too in-the-face), without backround etc. I can imagine that I'm not the only one who uses Dragon Cave while in school or at work, and I think everyone who does that would appreciate the option to make it look less like what it is. And I don't want to say that I don't like the default or the other skins (I love them, actually) but I think such a simple/blank site skin would be easy to implement, wouldn't it?
  10. ohhh, a new release on my birthday! love it!
  11. I entered, thanks for doing this!
  12. The two bigger eggs are so pretty! And I already got all of them - I never had all new releases so quickly!
  13. Oh, yes, indeed! Thanks for the answer! Is this limited to Mint dragons? (I couldn't find anything about it on the Wiki)
  14. Hello, tiny little question here, why is my Mint upside down?
  15. I just caught a leetle tree! I was so nervous I misclicked three times but somehow still got it! I'm still in shock, but so happy!
  16. Thanks purplehaze for the answer!
  17. Hello! I have a question regarding breeding. If I have a dragon like a Dorsal (purple) that has a rare variant (red) (or an alt sprite), and I breed the Dorsal with another rare dragon (say, a Tinsel), does that increase the chance of the egg being a red Dorsal?
  18. the site looks cool, but it loads sooo slowly for me ://
  19. I also support this 100%. I don't have a lot of dragons, but it's already difficult to find a certain one.
  20. Hello! You can check out my deviantart, I try a lot of different kinds of art, especially digital http://petra1999.deviantart.com/
  21. I was at my first P!ATD concert last weekend and it was great, I cried of happiness three times! "This is Gospel" has sooo much energy when a huge room of people sings it, so beautiful! Also, I love how you can see very easily that Brendon loooves performing. He had so much fun on stage!
  22. They're my favorite band! I know them since last summer, so basically before they got super well-known and it was very interesting to see them grow, and have been to two concerts (one Blurryface tour, and one Emotional Roadshow last weekend), at the second one I held up Tyler's platform during trees!!! Best moment of my life haha. I think my favorite album is Blurryface, but I absolutely love all of them. My favorite song is Holding On To You. Before I became a fan I knew three of their songs (Screen, Holding On To You, Trees), then I saw their Can't Help Falling In Love cover on Youtube,