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  1. Whew...yesterday I was only able to get one. Now after that 9:00 drop, I was able to get 2 pairs of the pygmies (4 eggs) and 2 of the water glistening ones. Just need one more Water Glistening egg
  2. Have: Male Avea Hachie Want: Female Avea Hatchie Trade here~ Traded
  3. Just got the Lugia egg! It's so cute! ❤️
  4. My mint egg is right side up on my scroll, but when clicked upon to view its upside down
  5. Managed to get a Bauta egg. The glassy ones are hard to catch for now. Love how the adults look
  6. I just noticed there was a release for September, but when I was going to go and fetch the eggs, the error popped up. Glad it's not just me with this issue too
  7. My day has been going well. Gotten a new animated avatar done and soon to get a convention badge made to match with my mate's badge too
  8. My eggs hatched! Hoping they're both breeding pairs on the new eggs and the new hybrids On a side note: A lot of good 2 gen Ridgewings and Nebulas are being dropped into the AP. I grabbed mostly nebulas, but some are ridgewings too. Just gotta keep an eye out and page refreshing
  9. @Purple: I did revive and it failed. But thanks for the tip on possible zombies next time @Sock: Thanks @Shadow: Ooh! I didn't know that. Thanks for the tip~
  10. I have two dead hatchlings on my scroll which died from sickness. Do they eventually disappear from my scroll like dead eggs do after the 24 hour wait? If yes, how come they didn't disappear yet since it's been about 2-3 days or even more since they died?
  11. TERA Wrath of Dragons - Storyline Quest: Was on first boss out of three with 6 other members and the dragon's minions just rolled over me after immediate resurrections ._.
  12. I've been playing TERA and other times when I'm stuck on what to do next on it, I go onto Second Life
  13. Thanks so much! I got all 6 now. Good luck to everyone else catching and i'll likely help out when I'm not egglocked
  14. 3/6 obtained. Still trying to snatch one from Alpine, Coast and Desert. Forest was actually my first egg of the six, then Volcano and lastly Jungle.
  15. I hope to get them all before it ends. I forgot that this happens every year for Easter >_<
  16. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 on Steam
  17. CB Blue Fire Gem #1 CB Blue Fire Gem #2 CB Blue Fire Gem #3 All gone~
  18. CB Green Fire Gem Offer dummy egg if you need a green to make a breeding pair or do not have any at all. Offers will have scrolls checked. Thank you~ Traded~ Enjoy!
  19. You're not the only one. I managed to spot one around 8:25 this morning or so and in a blink of an eye-...Poof. Gone.
  20. You've been helpful as much as you can as well, so thank you too
  21. Looks like the volcano eggs still aren't appearing on the 5 min drops. I've been hunting for one more red crystal. No luck :/ Edit: Got a chicken egg instead
  22. Hunting for a Red crystal and still not one description of the eggs is seen which is weird...Or it was there, but changed to another egg within 3 seconds :/
  23. Aww! I was gifted a green crystal egg! Now that's a pair with my two blue eggs and the Fades. One red crystal egg needed and I'd have all my pairs. I'll still help out in the hunting as well though
  24. Thanks so much Celly! Been hunting for them yesterday night in hopes that the numbers died down during the evening, but..new dragons. What is sleep anyway? Haha! Sending out good luck and good vibes to everyone else hunting!