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  1. my seven leopard gecko's Mitch, Rocket, Zanna, Ruby, Petra, tango and Echo
  2. a random selection out of my near 3000+ yu-gi-oh Cards
  3. season 4 out next month just a little reminder...
  4. with great disdain most likely, if not disgust that HER creation has been pretty much slaughtered ¬_¬
  5. everyone's going mental about the release date, and i'm here wondering how MANY seasons there are going to be...
  6. slaves of the mastery by wiliamnicholson
  7. teslakana


    you DO know you can get it back, don't you?
  8. Yugioh 5DS 2009 stardust accelerator
  9. teslakana

    Fave Anime OST

    gurren lagann OST One piece OST Naruto / Naruto shippuden OST Yugioh OST
  10. the songs from the 'there she is!' series much?
  11. teslakana

    Your Theme Song

    these, definitely
  12. and not to mention that they made a RIDICULOUS show-off out of 'flash sentry', anyone tries that IRL they'll proably get their guitar shoved up their and turned into a human popsicle
  13. yugioh forbidden memories for the PS2, even though it worked on a PS1
  14. you know you've been playing a game too much when you think that the physics engine in IRL is absolute