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  1. oh, before i forget... i have the somewhat-disturbing ability to flush blood throughthe veins inside my own eyeballs, thus, gradually (and very, very painfully) changing their colour.. and i can click most of my joints for example, i can lean over the back of the normal four-legged chair and my spine pops more-or-less like bubblewrap
  2. Nickelback's If today was your last day... ...in my pants
  3. I finally got off my fat, lazy rear and got an Undine...
  4. i can 'fold' my fingers over one-another on both hands, make a 'loop' with my tongue, and i once had a rather/somewhat-friendly conversation with a Buzzard once... does any of this count?
  5. same as above sunny, warm, slightly cloudy, not much else...
  6. dear math, im not a therapist, solve your own problems... Or, Alternatively... Dear Algebra, stop asking me to find your 'X,' she isn't coming back...
  7. i believe the word is 'creationism' (Richard Dawkins eat your heart out!) on another note, what really 'grinds my gears' (so to speak), is the 'AXA-sunlife Over-50-plan' adverts, I watch them and i'm sitting there thinking "I'm not ****ing dead yet, mate!" I mean, who's going to *want* let alone even *need* a pen, a brochure, or a plasma screen TV with a VCR after they're six feet under the ground anyways? what's even worse was the fact that they were showing it an *all* channels, included the childrens' ones...
  8. "Stop Right There Criminal Scum!"
  9. 4/10 I've seen you a little bit, here and there...