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    Image War!

    and once more unot the breach!
  2. teslakana

    Image War!

    one does not simply defeat a universe-sized mecha capable of doing just about anything
  3. one does not simply ride a water-slide into mordor
  4. one does not simply leave a trail of M&M's into Mordor.
  5. teslakana

    Image War!

    Link i'll just leave this here...
  6. "Apologizing: It doesn't mean that you're wrong and the other person's right. it means that you value your friendship/relationship more than your own ego." -Unknown. "People are funny. they spend money they don't have on things they don't need to impress/for people they don't even like..." -Unknown. "Girls are like apples, the best ones are at the top of the tree. but the boys don't want to reach for the good ones because they're scared of falling and getting hurt, and so, they pick the rotten ones from the ground, which are rotten, but easy, so the apples at the top think that there's something wrong with them, when, in reality, they're amazing. they just have to wait for the right boy who's brave enough to climb all the way to the top of the tree." -Unknown. "You can easily judge the character fo a man by the way he treats those who can do nothing for him." -James D. Miles.
  7. "There is no justice in nature… No term for fairness in the equations of motion. The universe is neither good nor evil, it simply doesn’t care, neither do the stars, the sun, and nor does the sky. But they don’t have to. We care. There is a light in the world and that light is held deep within all of us, all we need is the right motivation to draw upon it." -Unknown. "If humans are sixty-percent water -two thirds of which is hydrogen, and hydrogen is what stars are made of, why do we insist on wishing upon stars that are a good three-million light-years away, and those of which have already died, rather than wishing upon ourselves for whatever it is we're wishing for to become a reality?" -Me. "At least he/she who lives with a closed mind won't have to worry about their brains collecting dust." -Anonymous. "Fear is not Evil, it's what can tell you your weaknesses. And once you know your weakness, you can become stronger, kinder, and more gentle." -Gildarts Clive; 'Fairy Tail'
  8. one does not simply warp through reality into Mordor
  9. teslakana

    Image War!

    linked for size you were saying?
  10. one does not simply fly an F-22 Lockheed raptor into Mordor
  11. one does not simply fire the brahmastra into Mordor... (Asura's Wrath Reference Go!)
  12. Eragon (even though i know how much people hate it, i'm still posting as much...)
  13. one does not simply pogo-stick-jump into Mordor!
  14. *throws pizzas* that is all...