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  1. Man...I will never think to do the simplest things. Thank you, cool to see youre around on the forums still btw
  2. Hey, so I haven't posted here in...a while. But I have been active on Dragoncave. So I had pretty much all of my dragons filled out on the encyclopedia save for the dinos. But when I went to check the encyclopedia just now I noticed all but one of the breeds is greyed out like before they were "discovered". Will this be fixed or will I have to rediscover all the breeds again? Asking because I spent a lot of time trying to get them all and it's kind of upsetting if I have to do this all over again :/
  3. Why....to the bans and more difficulties for abortion? Because it would be pretty hard to overturn that, not sure how the process goes for the supreme courts decision but I assume they have to go through others to get the "ok" ....then again...with how things are turning out with who voted for who.... banning that, making bc harder to get (but of course viagra will be easy access), a lot of that might be pretty easy to pass. Leaving the country sounds like a good idea imo.
  4. Isn't going to be near impossible to ban abortion? Same for BC. (At least I hope so, this was my main concern) And I think that States have a say in what LGBT has rights to, like now, some states allow gay marriage others don't. And what kind of decisions against minorities do you mean?
  5. Pretty much both of these points are extremely valid. Even if Clinton won/wins, Trump won't "accept/concede" defeat, and his supporters probably will riot. Same with Clinton's. But mainly it runs down to the policies that get enacted that will cause the most impact/damage. Crime might go up due to hate crimes and such but I would have to wonder, would everyone just start acting hateful/homophobic/Islamophobic/etc all at once or gradually? Because I don't see how well this could be ignored. Anyone have thoughts? I'm genuinely curious.
  6. You know...I joked about voting for Trump in the beginning because, well...all the things he's said, I thought it was ridiculous that he would be in the race after things got serious. Personally at that point I didn't care about voting. But then realizing it was Trump or Clinton.... The fact that people weren't deterred by the level of hate/ignorance that he spews...is concerning to say the least.
  7. Denmark also even proclaimed that they'd take citizens in if Trump won to help them flee from "Trump nation". I've actually been looking into Denmark for a while, this might give me a push, being's there's going to be a flux of people, I imagine, being openly hostile to lgbt people, disabled, colored, women because "Trump is, and he's our president, therefore this must be ok"! This is going to set the country back from it progressing to accept people/give rights to certain people by a longshot.
  8. It was just red when it first hit, now it's definitely blue. A lot of other states are fluctuating as well, fingers crossed that there's hope still for a No Trump nation.
  9. Honestly considering taking them up on their offer.
  10. Ugh....how did Florida and Washington become red? Yeah GG, we're boned for the next 4 years (unless he get's assassinated, impeached, or gets reelected for 4 more years) On an also kinda serious side note, which country said they would take U.S citizens in if Trump won?
  11. I love the Black dragons from DnD and this art was super well done. I love their horn shape and how they use acid as a breath weapon x3
  12. I mean...in some cases I guess this would be ok. But everyone's case is different. For example, I kind of stopped being on here for like 8 months and I'm just now coming back. And coming back to seeing all my dragon's names removed (hypothetically)? Definitely renaming everything on my scroll would be a major pain so I'd probably not even bother naming them after that. Plus now that I'm back (again) I can get ready to breed my holiday pairs, and I named my dragons certain things so that I wouldn't have to click through each of their profiles to find out who's who. So if I was gone and this thing happened I'd have to sift through my dragons. Edit: As American said, 3 years would be reasonable.
  13. Dang, I tried turning all my dead dragons on my scroll to zombies....none..none at all this year ._. (yes I did it on the 31st) Also happily locked with the new eggs!
  14. Yeah, to the first part. As Kith said, it's usually not medically accurate. Not that I even got the luxury of being taught anything save for STD's and how "no STD's can be cured" and BC never works. This brings up another point via sex ed, mine in HS said BC always fails, and not to believe the media because of course they want sex to seem like it's safe when in truth it's dangerous. How so? Oh because if the girl gets pregnant her life is ruined and she has to take care of the child the rest of her life, drop school, she can't go to college, while the father has to quit school and get a job to pay child support. Yeah, they said that. This was basically the entire education I had. Oh and they showed us graphic pictures while my peers and even the teacher made jokes about how "nasty these are". Thanks Florida. Though I was probably very sheltered about sex, that's why when they said sex is over glorified by the media it confused me. I was always taught sex is disgusting and shouldn't be done unless married. ._. Now that I'm actually aware of things, now I understand. I can just go to college and see how everyone just praises each other for how much sex they have. Or if they can persuade their current gf to have sex with them. That aside, from 9th grade for me I seen like 5 pregnant people, when I got to 12th I counted roughly 30. So the whole scare tactic method definitely isn't doing anything. People are going to have sex, you might as well teach them how to be safe while doing it instead of pretending people aren't going to. What I don't understand is what they think their doing with sex ed. Because there's enough information about how something's not right that it should be addressed. Of course then they could say that "oh that's the parents job" when, at least in my case, I didn't even get that. I got a book about what to expect when a girl hits puberty and not to be ashamed of your breast size/your period because everyone has it. And asking my mom about sex was never something I was comfortable with doing. Took me til I was 20 to at least understand if people love each other than it's not disgusting. Hell, not even. As long as you're being safe when doing so and both people are consenting adults what's the problem? It's not other people's business to criticize them...be kind of creepy if you think about it. So I'm sure I'm not the only one that has and education/parents that think once you're an adult you're magically endowed with the knowledge of sexual education.
  15. Theres plenty of complaints as to people being viewbombed, far from negligence. Far more cases of malicious viewbombing than people not knowing. Just look through a few topics and you'll see pages. And I don't think TJ is going to just revive everyone's eggs that died from being viewed simply because it would be a lot of work, he wouldn't be able to tell if it was malicious or negligence, he would have to revive everyone's eggs/hatchies and not just a few users, and really, yeah viewbombing sucks but its up to the users responsibility to ensure their eggs don't die. Edit, replied before before seeing the above by Ruby. Well I'm locked with my eggs now. Lol I wonder if we're going to get a September release too.
  16. I'm fairly certain the eggs won't get revived due to "unfair gameplay" beings so many people are victims of viewbombing and so many have the same issue. If X player complains about losing their egg then gets theirs revived, then the same should happen for every user.
  17. "My life savings....I buried it in....." Lol
  18. Exactly. If you HAD the means. You don't and neither do a lot of people that wish they could help somehow, or take in every orphan. So instead of wishfully hoping you could, why do you want to add even more to the adoption system if abortion was banned? Beings all they would be doing was suffer. But way more than what we have now And that link told me nothing of how YOU feel. It's a link. It's not your words even if you say they are. So how about this then, in simpler terms Should she Have capital punishment Life in prison Or just pray for her?
  19. ^this.Silver phrased it better (and faster than I could) Also Laryal then that tells me you're not reading what we're saying much at all. Youre picking key words out and focusing on that. Because you did not answer my question. Ultimately it's not just a voice. It's an oppressive voice. One that doesn't take into consideration what the woman as an individual wants or needs. It's not about the woman. You could care less about the woman just as long as the fetus gets to live. It's her body. Not yours. Her choice she has to live with. Not yours. It's her business. Not YOURS If prochoicers are heartless than its an abomination to make women give birth if they don't want to, if they don't kill themselves have mental trauma. Then to probably throw it in the god awful adoption system, or the child is raised inadequately or abused because the mother was forced to do something she didn't want. Also Firstly, I'm not an abortion doctor. But if you want to know the procedures here you go http://americanpregnancy.org/unplanned-pre...ion-procedures/ I posted my question three times and here it is again What should be done with women who have abortions? Since its murder yes?
  20. So you can ask me questions and expect a response but when I ask you a question two pages back that you left unanswered, regardless of how often I posted it? Sorry but when you reply to my question first then maybe I'll answer yours.
  21. I was talking to Silver, beings her words were what I quoted and responded to Theres nothing laryal has said I personally agree/find insightful. Most it being attempted emotional appeal and more based on belief than factual reasoning
  22. I'm also in med college but I just started, so I guess I haven't gotten into this yet. I'm merely stating a point as to what a parasite is by a brief scientific definition. Though I do like the term saprophyte, being pregnant does cause some harm to the mother/host. As shown in the above post. But I guess if you're talking about severe harm, that is indeed rare. And yeah, you have a point, most of the minor ones you kind of have to deal with...if you actually want it that is And yes. This is about abortion. If you want kids and are ready for it, go for it. If not, there's ways to prevent pregnancy. But other than that I agree with everything you've said. You need to be ready for that kind of responsibility. And to actually WANT to be a parent. I'm in no place to tell people what choice to make, if you want kids go ahead, if that's what you want. If they go to loving homes then that's hardly a bad thing. It's when people have kids that they aren't ready for that things get bad. Like financially, you need to provide for basic needs (food, etc). You need patience, and self sacrifice. I mean, waking up every few hours to feed/care for your infant, sacrificing your sleep and care for something else? Yeah, its tough. But if you truly want kids then this isn't going to be a chore, or misery for you. You'll be happy to do it. Something not everyone could handle or just flat out does not want. That doesn't make them selfish though, they just have something else they want to get out of life. But anyways I did find your post insightful.