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    ♥Request Closed

    Note to everyone. I'm sorry for not being able to accept requests recently. I'm not nearly as active on DC as I used to be, partly because I've gotten bored on here (not much fun save for holiday stuff and the monthly releases nowadays) and partly because college and life happenings that come with being an adult with many important things to do. I also am taking a break from requests because it takes forever to breed Itova and because of the above reasons, I sometimes will forget to breed that week...or accidentally send the egg to someone that-was on the list but out of order (Like if you were first on the list, I accidentally have sent the egg to 2nd or 3rd on my list) I am a reliable breeder but recently with life problems it tends to get shorted. So to not cause people to get frustrated with me, until I'm more active on here, I'm going to halt requests.

    Rules for Itova

    *Keep your inbox free since I will PM you the teleport link.
    *You can: do anything with them, trading them, freezing them, raising, biting, zombify, killing. Anything. I don't actually care. Once it leaves my scroll you become the owner.

    Things of interest for me currently
    CB Xenowyrms from Coast or Alpine
    Marrow x shimmer/tinsel pairing low gen
    Despis x Tinsel/shimmer

    ♣ Itova Seachainn x Tyaz Seachainn
    (2nd Gen Shimmer x Blu-Sang)
    ♣ Ahzid Seachainn x Nextic Seachainn
    (3rd Gen Shimmer x Tri-Horned Wyvern)