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giratina-ori.gifItova Seachainn Closed Axel Flurry of Dancing Flames Closed   Please see my page for more details, slots tentatively open and I'm looking for a specific thing. 


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    ♥Requests are tentatively open. Only 1 slot available for Itova and Axel at the moment because I overwhelmed myself last time, years ago, by having 5 slots, sometimes life came up and I couldn't breed on time, college became my focus and I forgot the days I set for breeding, etc. I'm slightly more active on DC again, for the time being, so I figured take a request or two.

    ♥~~~~~~Rules for Itova or Axel requests~~~~~
    ~At the moment I want to narrow down requests I'm getting by only accepting offers on things I'm currently after (see below)
    ~Keep your inbox free since I will PM you the teleport link.
    ~I will hold your egg for 24 hours
    ~You can: do anything with them, trading them, freezing them, neglected experiment, raising, biting, zombify, killing. Anything. Once it leaves my scroll you become the owner.
    ~Once I breed my dragon, that will be the day(s) I send you a notification that "They bred, here's the egg, they bred but it's a prize fail (I will give you the option of taking the prizefail and yes I'll still breed them til you get your Prize dragon), or they didn't produce an egg".
    ~I do not have a "waitlist" for the reasons above. If I was going to add more requests, I'd have more slots. Sorry :/
    ~For Axel, I won't breed with commons. It gets tedious and takes a long time to get the egg. I will breed with most rares and holidays and I have CBs of most. If I don't I'll PM you and we can discuss it from there.

    ♥Things I'm on the hunt for currently♥
    ~2nd to 4th Gen Bronze Tinsel from FZuko (have been looking for this longer than I'd like to admit >_>)

    Itova Seachainn

    Axel Flurry of Dancing Flames

    ♣Axel Flurry of Dancing Flames mate usually is Incax Seachainn or Venivas Seachainn
    (1st Gen Bronze Shimmer x Witchlight or Omen Wyrm)
    ♣ Itova Seachainn x Tyaz Seachainn
    (2nd Gen Shimmer x Blu-Sang)