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  1. A few days after finally catching a chicken after trying for years, I got another one. Gonna start a farm or something.
  2. Whoa, loving all the updates! Happy 10th, Dragon Cave!
  3. Spotted the third Xeno egg I've seen, like, ever, on the AP. Hit refresh out of habit. D'ohhh
  4. Yay, egg festival! I love that banner. Thanks TJ, and all the spriters for your work!
  5. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: swanboat
  6. Whoa, some seriously impressive forts here. I'm not much of a snow architect so mine isn't that great, but I'm having fun with it.
  7. Didn't think I'd manage to catch a Holly at all, ended up snagging a 4th gen Thuwed.
  8. The tri-colored is my favorite, though I like them all. All three of mine are tri-colored so I guess I'm pretty lucky.
  9. Yay! Happy Halloween everyone, and thanks TJ and spriters. I can't wait to see what these guys look like when they grow up.
  10. Had eggs accidentally die for the first time ever. I forgot I had them, was busy all day, they got sick. By the time I remembered to check, oops too late.
  11. After moping about never catching (and barely seeing) any coppers, I just caught a CB ice. Edit: Oh wow it's my 500th dragon, too
  12. One bronze and one gold, both randomly snagged off the AP.
  13. Saw one in the volcano yesterday. That's all I've seen (aside from one in the AP).
  14. Probably either my leetle tree or CB gold.
  15. Caught 'em all! They're gorgeous and the artists all did a great job. <3
  16. Thanks for this, and happy Easter everyone!
  17. I've never had it fail, but now I've probably jinxed it.
  18. Usually because of misclicks. But I also abandon some of my bred eggs just to see where they end up.
  19. swanboat


    ...well that went a lot faster than I thought.
  20. Aw, what a pretty lineage! I managed to snag a hatchling off the AP. I know that's not very impressive, but I've trying to since forever.