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  1. Hatchlings are wonderful ! Thank you and Happy Halloween everyone
  2. Thank you TJ for letting us know ! I can't wait till next sunday
  3. Thank you TJ Eggs are pretty !
  4. Thanks ! Already got one Edit: light blue one was hard to catch And I think they are pretty !
  5. I, star121111, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  6. Name: star121111 Dragon desired: female moonstone Colors wanted: light pink please
  7. middle one seems the best ! Oh, I don't tell about cat's eye is sky-blue haha But your sprite is soooo wonderful I love it Can I use it on my signature ?
  8. Thank you ! Color : All white but gray point on its head(not ear) please
  9. Shaded please Your sprites are so wonderful * sorry for late answer I was sleeping..
  10. Can I request you a cat ? If you can color for it, White or tortoiseshell please
  11. Wow..last day ! Thank you for all awesome eggs, I love them
  12. Pretty eggs !! But..I have no room enough..
  13. Forum name: star121111 Scroll: star121111 PM: PM Avatar or Sig: Sig banner please ! (words " Bearsi's Scroll " ) Dragon or artwork: Female Moonstone Dragon Payment: 2nd gen PB Black I'm sorry to hear that you are sick... I'm not sure I wrote right way..Sorry ! I'm not good at English Thank you ! Your banners are nice awesome
  14. Pretty ! +) Oh ... I don't have any CB Hellfire.
  15. Oh I can't wait Happy Birthday Dragoncave