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[GMT + 9 ]25k56cl.gif6oiwy9.jpg call me Bearsi please :)--------------------------------------------- ↓ My scroll5ph01u.pngeb273n.png

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    Hello :) I'm Bearsi.

    I accept IOUs XD And if you want to trade with me, feel free to PM me ! I will answer as fast as I can.

    * My list will be open until 10 people on my list.
    * I'm sorry ! I am not good at English :( If you can speak Korean, feel free to PM me Korean XD Thank you

    -----Shimmer Trade List-----

    1. Etoile Lluvia (hOb8v) - 2gen (CLOSED)
    CB- Xiaonxuan EV XXX (LtE4g)

    2. Bay Lluvia (JC11o) - 2gen
    CB- Xiaonxuan EV XXX (LtE4g)

    3. Lluvia Fair (gIyyB) - 2gen
    CB- Xiaonxuan EV XXX

    4. Evelyn Lluvia Goldenleaf (hUdld) - 3gen
    CB- Silvery Waves Goldenleaf (lojjy)

    * I don't have any lists except them, so if you want to trade any offsping of my other shimmers, PM me !
    * Currently my 2nd gen shimmer lists are only open for 3rd gen Shimmers(Tinsels), CB Metalics :)


    1. 2nd gen prize
    2. CB Gold/Silver


    Have :
    Want :

    (Gift) list : OPEN


    If you have a question, PM me :)
    I'll answer all messages.

    Thank you s2

    * My twin sister's scroll - http://dragcave.net/user/fpdlsl_817