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  2. I have read all up on this project now, think that seem cool to do, and would like to join if at all possible, however I see sign-ups are closed so I would like to be placed on the waiting if that's all right? I am on the Central Time Zone.
  3. Here are mine votes: Blossom Angels Coral / Black Ray Lindwurm Dual Vote Duality Indigo Fire Mercury Pygmy / Mithril Dual Vote Phantasm Dragon / Rain Dual Vote Skymaster Ampiphthere / Regal Diamonds Dual Vote Tanglewyrm
  4. Great like always!!! Can't wait 'til more!!!
  5. That Radiant Angel is gorgeous. In fact, my favorite Valentines so far ARE the Radiant Angel and also the Rosebud (Dolphinsong's Rosebud Spriter Alt is even my favorite of all Alts), for Halloween it's the Shadow Walker, And Christmas(es?) is also the Snow Angel and the Solstice as well.
  6. That's just dandy. In fact I was egg-locked, but less than an hour ago one of my eggs hatched so I have one slot open. Thanks!
  7. I would like to also join the waiting list. My only stipulation is that I NEED the last word in the parent's name to be "Hope" (due to how I name my dragons, using the last word of the parent of the same gender to be a sort of last name for my dragons.) Is this okay?
  8. As is what I literally just said out loud when I saw the Radiant Angel, "Ahw, that's SWEET!" You are so very talented that I could just kiss you! And as for the details, I actually chose ones that did not have too many details or colors too close (e.g. Desipis, Wrapping Wing).
  9. NICE!!! And to continue the Digimon theme, how about I ask of you for a fifth (hope I haven't been requesting too much of you, but if I have please tell me and I'll stop) wallpaper with both Imperialdramon Fighter + Dragon Modes?
  10. Here are mine votes: Assassino Blossom Angels Coral Black Ray Lindwurm Fantasy Flame Quetzal Goldwing Indigo Fire Lepidoptera / Mercury Pygmy Dual Vote Mitril / Opal Dual Vote Phantasm / Porcelain Dual Vote Rain / Sea Spear Lindwurm Dual Vote Skymaster Ampipthere Regal Diamonds Tanglewyrm Tailwing
  11. Yeah, I can see what you mean. Thanks anyway though. Just hope you have/had a good round of final exams this time!
  12. Sound's great, thanks! Have fun! And good luck!
  13. Well then, seeing as how you did so well, I would like to ask of you again if you could also do one with a Radiant Angel, one with a male Grave, and one with a herd of Snow Angels, one of each wing-style, representing each of the holidays?
  14. OMG I LOVE MY LITTLE MUDKIPZ!!! Thank you so very much!!! And man, even though my anticipation made it seem much longer, you still did that so quick with such beauty! I'm impressed!!! Thanks again!!!
  15. 2:46 here on Central, and still nothing. Is TJ sick and stuck in bed? I just hope not, but knowing me I probably just jinxed him. SORRY!!!
  16. @Pandalf: 1, A group of dragons is in fact known as a dragoon. I only really know that because I have always loved dragons, even when I was a babe (my 2 favorite things as a baby were cars --- "car" was my first word actually --- and dragons --- my favorite stuffed toy was a little blue and teal wyvern). 2, I can see what your getting at as that would be difficult. 3, Please, I ask of you, would you not call me "Ede", I don't like how that sounds. If anything, call me Ed, as my name is pronounced "ee-day-va" and I'd rather be called "ee'd" than "ee-day".
  17. I think that we should also add Desipis to the list of dragons.
  18. I was just curious, but is some information in the Encyclopedia inspired by some people's descriptions of their own dragons? I am asking this because, years ago, when one of my dragons, a Royal Blue, grew up in December 2012, I gave it a description, found here, saying how Zegiex is a Nebula. And in one of the Nebula's Encyclopedia entries, it says that This is a near exact match to the information located in my description. Was this, and/or other dragon information, based on some of our user descriptions? Because if so, I think some users whose descriptions were the basis of some dragonopedia entries would be thrilled to know that, especially those that had their favorite dragons described in such a way and/or those who take pride in their descriptions (myself belonging to both). Or is just some happy coincidence that this happened?
  19. I have quite the few Dorkfaces and Dorkweds, some I bred, others I found, and a few that I got through teleports. For Dorkfaces: Dorkface 1 Dorkface 2 Dorkface 3 Dorkface 4 Dorkface 5 Dorkface 6 Dorkface 7 And For Dorkweds: Dorkwed 1 Dorkwed 2 Dorkwed 3 Dorkwed 4 Dorkwed 5 Dorkwed 6
  20. YAY!!! I JUST GOT ALL 55 OF THEM!!! ~Post edited to avoid page stretch.~ Please use word spacing and do not post in caps.
  21. May I join? I've even just got this adult CB Grey with DOG in its code, and I named it:http://dragcave.net/view/DOG0s. So, may I?