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  1. ((I have no idea what to post anymore... WHERE IS THIS PLOT GOING?.... is there a plot at the moment? How in the world am I supposed to fit in? Don't worry, just going through a mid-twenties crisis....God, I'm so oooollllllddddd. ))
  2. It wasn't till Kaida was far from her- she wouldn't call it her home, never again- that she slowed. The horizon was lightening and the sun was beginning to rise. Even as she flew, her muscles ached and her throat was dry. Banking, she landed beside a small, fast-flowing river and drank quietly. As the sun warmed, she sunk into a light sleep. ~~ Mayumi couldn't sleep. How could she when her only family was long gone? The Dark Clan had not been happy that they were missing a hatchling, more a young adult now. Insults were hurled and she was forgotten, curling up in a corner even as light streamed into the cave. She was alone and fear danced along her spine. Was she safe, with Kaida here? She didn't know. ((Is that okay? Sorry, new to this ))
  3. ((Ummm.... kinda new here, can i just....start with my new characters?))
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    Ummm, good anime? Clannad Naruto Bleach Black Cat Soul eater All pretty good!
  5. Forum Name: NyxLilium Character Name: Kaida Clan Type: Independent/ wants to join the Good/Light Dragon Type: Ridgewing Age: Young adult/ 178 Gender: Female Personality: Kaida is a strong dragon, born just a few decades after the clans split into two and grew up in the Evil/Dark clan. She learnt to hunt and attack as a child but could never understand their utter hatred of humans. She is quick, intelligent but sometimes gets distracted by the clouds. She can be extremely lazy but is equally amiable to getting dirty and winging her way to help her friends. History: She was born in the Evil clan and grew up healthy, strong but ignored. Her parents had been killed and her and her sister's, Mayumi, eggs were taken by the Evil side. However, Kaida was sick of the rules and hatred that was abundant in the clan. She fled with Mayumi but as they fled, the clan snagged Mayumi and Kaida was forced to continue on without her only friend and family. She now wanders the land, searching for the Good clan. Other: Blue Forum Name: NyxLilium Character Name: Mayumi Clan Type: Dark/Evil but wants to switch to the Good/Light Dragon Type: Ridgewing Age: Young adult 178 Gender: Female Personality: Mayumi is quiet and timid, very different to her sister. History: She was born in the Evil clan and grew up smaller, weaker and ignored. Her parents had been killed and her and her sister's, Kaida, eggs were taken by the Evil side. When Kaida and Mayumi fled, Mayumi fell behind and was grabbed by the Dark clan. She urged her sister on and is now an informant for sister and later on, the Good clan. Other: Blue
  6. I got mauled by a dog when i was seven and couldn't see for three weeks But i'm fine nows!
  7. Yes and no. I personally have been in a relationship with a man and a woman, which actually was kind of interesting. Polygamy doesn't seem to occur often amongst the gay community, long term at least
  8. Pair me up randomly! I'm happy with anything! ~Ja ne~
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    This is just a thread for anime /otaku/ obsessed people like me! So what is your favourite: Shojo/romance Shounen/action, and why! Please post!!! And have fun! I'll start: My favourite shojo of all time would probably be Clannad or Sailor moon. I grew up with Sailor moon and was the 1st anime i ever watched. It really does hold a special place in my heart. Shounen would be Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail or Bleach. Ja ne1
  10. I personally am gay (lesbian( and have been with my partner for over five years. In Australia it is illegal to marry the same gender and many gay couples protest this. But our country has a deep seated fear of anything different and gay is very different. 100% for gay marriage.