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  1. Not Bad? I feel like something's wrong but I'm not sure what.... http://dragcave.net/holidays12_house/cindy3208 Suggestions? Advice?
  2. SuperCream

    Scroll Goals

    Forum Name: SuperCream Scroll Link: Scroll Goal(s): F Magi x M Cavern Lurker Checker Purebred Black Lineage Purebred Golden Wyvern Lineage F Royal Blue x M Shadow Walker Checker CB Gold CB Silver Neglected Non-Inbred Holly under 8th Gen. PB Seasonal Lineage (Of that season, Winter,Autumn etc.) What you need to achieve your goal(s):F Royal Blue x M Shadow Walker Egg, 2nd Gen PB Golden Wyvern, 2nd Gen PB Black, CB Gold, CB Silver, Neglected Non-Inbred Holly (Under 8th Gen), PB Seasonal (Of that season) Receive eggs and/or hatchlings to help towards your goal(s) from others?: [Yes] PM link: PM
  3. When you say, dont already have the gender you are seeking Do you mean, frozen hatchling or adults?
  4. I want to participate! Forum name: SuperCream Scroll name:Cindy3208 Rank: (your trophy level or below) Bronze (Might change) Wishlist: 1.CB Magi 2.Messy Black (Wouldnt mind a nicely lineaged one, non-inbred) 3.Nicely Lineaged Vampire(prefer non-inbred?) 4.Messy Thunder(Or Nice-Lineaged? Prefer Non-Inbred) 5.Messy Winter Seasonal (Would love a nice-lineaged one) 6.Suprises!
  5. Still no luck. I might as well just give up and breed eggs to trade for these The eggs are so pretty, I want one so bad but the drops are like 2 seconds and fighting over 1 or 2 eggs on that 2 second drop with 120 people isnt easy. Does anybody have advice maybe? How do you guys have 7 of these?
  6. Still no luck Congratulations to who ever got that CB Thunder back there. I really really want an egg but it seems as if my luck is against me. Good luck to me!
  7. The desert biome is packed Cant get an egg, the eggs are really pretty. I hope I get one soon! D:
  8. I Am Wishing Type of Dragon:Seasonal Requirements:Even Gen or Checker Total Point Cost: I think that is 13?
  9. The catcher sigs....where do we get those? EDIT- Found 'em!
  10. I had no trouble catching eggs! Is it always like this?
  11. I need to be removed I am a lister and need to be removed from the list because: I caught one myself! Happy Halloween!
  12. Please add me to the lists Forum ID: SuperCream Scroll Link: Scroll Proof that I read the rules: Honeysuckle Can you get on at all during Nov. 3rd? If so, when? Either 6 or 7 on my laptop or not at all If you cannot, when is the earliest you can check your PM box? 2,4, or 7 (through my cell) Phone is extremely laggy... Happy Halloween!
  13. I would like to join! One of my 3 magis http://dragcave.net/view/mrddq
  14. I was just about to PM you till I saw the temporary rule The How Much Cost list is for us to use to spend our points and to calculate how much we recieve for our gifts, correct? Also,I was thinking maybe we can make a Low-Gen Option for 5 points...... And.....we are only allowed to fulfill wishes and we cant just 'glomp' eggs right?
  15. Gift Report: Gifter ->munificent Giftee:SuperCream Breed egg Silver Metallic received: link to the Metallic you've received http://dragcave.net/view/UOO5k
  16. Forum ID: SuperCream Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Cindy3208 PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=04&MID=194140 Proof that I read the rules: Holding Hands