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  1. I Want to Sign Up!

    Forum name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/194140-supercream/

    Scroll name: https://dragcave.net/user/Cindy3208


    1. CB Gold/CB Silver/2G Prize/2G from Spriters Alt

    2. CB Copper/2G Metal

    3. CB Magma/CB Aeon/CB Xenowyrm/Paper

    4. CB Tan Ridgewing/ CB Zyumorph

    5. CB Lunar Herald (Gold or Silver), 5-6G Prize

    6. Any lineage Aeon, Gemshards Checker, PB Golden Wyvern

    7. CB Ember Hatchling/ CB harvest hatchling/ Any hatchling

    Breeding abilities: I have a 2 3G Prizes and a couple 5-6G Prizes that I can breed. I don't have any CB Metals but I have CBs of most Uncommons/Commons and some rares. I can breed PB/2G lines for most uncommons and I have a couple of nice lineaged dragons I can breed. I have CBs of all Halloween Dragons and Christmas/Valentines Day Dragons from 2012-2014 (prior to my hiatus).

    Catching abilities: I can catch any Commons/Uncommons (Lunar Heralds, Fire Gems, Seasonals and sometimes Zyumorphs) and occasionally catch Trios but never Metals. 

    Trading abilities: I don't have much luck trading nor do I do it often, but I can try.

    Teleport abilities: I have enough Magis.

  2. I want to participate!

    Forum name:Supercream

    Scroll name:Cindy3208


    1. A 2nd or 3rd gen Shimmer stairstep with common/uncommon dragon (but if you can get anything of the sort is fine too smile.gif, anything in this 'category' is good)

    2.CB Thunder or Papers/Dinos/Cheeses (Unbreedables)

    3.A PB Glided Bloodscale or PB Golden Wyvern

    4.PB Black Checker or Stair (As you can tell, I really like PB dragons tongue.gif)

    5.Neotropical Hatchies or Hatchies in general

    6. Suprise me biggrin.gif

  3. I was congratulating people by PM, but I thought I'd stop that because they're already getting too many PMs. So congrats for luck and thanks for generosity. I'm not getting any second gens but some people have decided to either give second gens away to some lucky people or trade them for something very little, which is a nice change from the great Holly Debacle of 2012.

    How many people won? blink.gif

    This is my first year, so I am still not very familiar with the raffle system.

  4. A simple but elegant-looking gingerbread house. I like it, but i daresay it could use more additional details and elements - trees perhaps? happy.gif Perhaps decorate the door? Give it a doorknob? How about adding a chimney and then decorating it? happy.gif Yeahh, some suggestions, but i honestly think its fine without them as well. Simplicity is great sometimes (: Take mine for example. Too many colors, it actually blinds hahaha.

    I tried adding a chimney, but I cant decorate chimneys, and strange enough, I thought I did give it a doorknob and I had sprinkles on it blink.gif

    A tree is a good idea, I forgot about trees completely. rolleyes.gif

    I'll have to add it again later, thanks for the advice! biggrin.gif