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  1. I Want to Sign Up! Forum name: https://forums.dragcave.net/profile/194140-supercream/ Scroll name: https://dragcave.net/user/Cindy3208 Wishlist: 1. CB Gold/CB Silver/2G Prize/2G from Spriters Alt 2. CB Copper/2G Metal 3. CB Magma/CB Aeon/CB Xenowyrm/Paper 4. CB Tan Ridgewing/ CB Zyumorph 5. CB Lunar Herald (Gold or Silver), 5-6G Prize 6. Any lineage Aeon, Gemshards Checker, PB Golden Wyvern 7. CB Ember Hatchling/ CB harvest hatchling/ Any hatchling Breeding abilities: I have a 2 3G Prizes and a couple 5-6G Prizes that I can breed. I don't
  2. Pumped over my first CB Pumpkin !
  3. The eggs are so pretty! Can't wait till they hatch!
  4. I want to participate! Forum name:Supercream Scroll name:Cindy3208 Wishlist: 1. A 2nd or 3rd gen Shimmer stairstep with common/uncommon dragon (but if you can get anything of the sort is fine too , anything in this 'category' is good) 2.CB Thunder or Papers/Dinos/Cheeses (Unbreedables) 3.A PB Glided Bloodscale or PB Golden Wyvern 4.PB Black Checker or Stair (As you can tell, I really like PB dragons ) 5.Neotropical Hatchies or Hatchies in general 6. Suprise me
  5. I like to sing opening songs to animes. It's easy to sing when it's so catchy
  6. I'm on my slow computer so that must be why they arent showing up, thanks for clarifying
  7. This isnt an hourly drop? I've been so busy recently I missed most of the drops (so I dont know). I only see eggs at the hour.
  8. 01/16: Day of Gold Duck, Reign of Lugia, in the Season of Water
  9. I want to be a breeder! Forum User: SuperCream Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/cindy3208 PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...E=04&MID=194140 What are you willing to breed?: Anything off my scroll. Any other requirements (no gifting/killing/biting/e.c.t)?: No killing, biting, abandoning. If you re-gift, please let me know.
  10. Want: Scarlet Fox Have: Multiple Winter Hatchies Will breed mostly anything PM to Negotiate
  11. I just got on and I was shocked! At what rate are these eggs being dropped? (Every 10 minutes?)
  12. Just missed a gold in the volcano biome
  13. I took it. I will get you something soon! @Nyda: I'd hate to take more than 1 gift, but I couldnt resist! I just have to wait a while to breed my metallics to pay you guys back.
  14. I decided just to post lineage links. Do you want me to quote this everytime I update it?
  15. My giftee still hasn't read my PM and its been about a week (maybe more).....and the eggs grew up. I have another egg for her but I am not sure if she is inactive or not..... Suggestions?
  16. I sent a PM to my giftee about 4-5 days ago, they still havent read it and the egg hatched. I dont if I should send another or wait till she reads my PM and then send one. The hatchies are going to hatch in a day or two.....
  17. How many people won? This is my first year, so I am still not very familiar with the raffle system.
  18. I'd love to join. Scroll Google Doc I decided not to use a Google doc.... I will instead just be post lineage links. #1 First Spitfire #2 Second Spitfire #3 Third Spitfire #4 Fourth Spitfire #5 #6 #7 #8 Do you want me to quote this when I update it?
  19. I received my gift from my gifter! I am currently trying to get my dragons to breed so I can get something for my giftee.
  20. I tried adding a chimney, but I cant decorate chimneys, and strange enough, I thought I did give it a doorknob and I had sprinkles on it A tree is a good idea, I forgot about trees completely. I'll have to add it again later, thanks for the advice!