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~Good Hunting!~Currently on a single minded hunt for CB Tsunami Wyverns! If you feel like making special IOU offers with me: PM me! Otherwise I'll just be leaving trades down in the trade threads when I have worthwhile offers already available!If I don't respond to you right away, however it is you may be contacting me, I'm probably afk. Just wait like an hour before giving up on me ok? :3Yeah I don't have much else to put here. So, uh...DEMACIA!(?)

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    Coming back to Dragcave after an extended break, just been grabbing random eggs off the cave but now I think I finally have a specific goal back in mind.

    Instead of getting all the new dragons that have come out in the over-a-year I haven't played? Time to make that beautiful Tsunami lineage I wanted to make all that time ago! If it works out as well as I wish for it to, then I will also make the electric and thunder based lineage since that'd be harder to do!

    I'll still be trying to get a guardian of nature whenever I get the chance to summon. I already failed once since coming back. :P