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  1. I inherited a lovely Victorian mansion from a distant aunt.  The house is in great shape, but the gardens had been neglected for some time.  I started trying to clean things up, but that weird dead tree swap continues to encroach what I've cleared and I've seen weird lights and heard unnatural sounds at night.  There's some creepy-looking things in that swamp, and I don't even want to know what shenanigans are going on back in the deeper part.  There also seems to be an unusual number of black cats roaming around.

    Garden 2.png

  2. 14 hours ago, lexi_ said:


    exact same thing happened to me a little bit ago. i even tried to make the most out of it and tried to zombify it, but it dissolved :( 


    my current bad luck today is not being able to come across a single ash dragon egg in the cave... i could have sworn they were common. always that problem of running into things all the time when you dont need them, but the second you start looking they all run and hide.

    *hugs* I also had a revive fail.

  3. @trystan-He's so cute!  The other two dergs I made aren't nearly as big-about 30" nose to tail and 24" wingspan, just right for shoulder-sitting.  This one is mine and this one is my step-daughter's.  She saw mine and BF's and was wondering to my DD if I'd make her one-*of course* I would!


    That plague doctor is adorable!

  4. I really don't like surprises (think about it-a drunk running a red light and t-boning your car is a surprise no one wants) and I was really disappointed to come home from work to discover another breed had flooded and disappeared before I got back-and I haven't seen one incave since.  Thankfully they were put in the market as that's how I was able to get "cbs".

  5. I actually kicked my 16yo DD out of the house about a month/month and a half ago-to go on a walk with *one* friend (with his guardians permission) for a day-obviously w/mask and social distance-she needed too, she was starting to spiral.



    She had also commented some time before that she was more of a people person than she'd thought.