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  1. Getting a hatchie in a trade, then apparently not putting it in any hatcheries and it died. I could have sworn I did. I am very sorry trading partner, it was an accident.
  2. Moving the sliders where you want is *very* frustrating.
  3. Happy Halloween and happy hunting!
  4. Mayonnaise on hot dogs. Grosses people out for some reason.
  5. @trystan-He's so cute! The other two dergs I made aren't nearly as big-about 30" nose to tail and 24" wingspan, just right for shoulder-sitting. This one is mine and this one is my step-daughter's. She saw mine and BF's and was wondering to my DD if I'd make her one-*of course* I would! That plague doctor is adorable!
  6. Wyvern I made for my BF. 45 inches nose to tail and 48 inch wingspan Design and pattern by Crafty Intentions
  7. I really don't like surprises (think about it-a drunk running a red light and t-boning your car is a surprise no one wants) and I was really disappointed to come home from work to discover another breed had flooded and disappeared before I got back-and I haven't seen one incave since. Thankfully they were put in the market as that's how I was able to get "cbs".
  8. I actually kicked my 16yo DD out of the house about a month/month and a half ago-to go on a walk with *one* friend (with his guardians permission) for a day-obviously w/mask and social distance-she needed too, she was starting to spiral. She had also commented some time before that she was more of a people person than she'd thought.
  9. Yeah, still face-palming over it. Luckily I can try again, but watch them be stubborn as that was the very first breeding!
  10. You'd have thought I woulda learned by now, nope! https://dragcave.net/view/zPQde