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Collecting dragons for a Nhiostrife lineage - 288/512 CB's collected & accounted for. Hit that halfway mark!!~Wishlist: ♣ 2nd gen Snow Angel from Frill ♣ Black-capped Teimar with TJ code ♣ Silver from this list~Scroll Goals~Tinsel & Shimmer list~I accept IOUs - just ask~Thank you to the very generous shovedtbh for helping me with my lineaget2.png hoarding.gif rr7gnt.jpg

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    Right now? Netherlands!
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    My goal is to collect all available breeds!!!
    And I have done it! :D (~summer 2014)

    New goal: collect CB's of all available breeds
    So close~~♥
    (^like, REALLY close - I'm just missing the Golds and one Silver and that's it!!!)


    ~~I Breed and Trade a Lot~~

    I have a few very nice dragons, and can trade them really easily. If you ask politely I will be happy to breed my dragons for you. Please be aware of breeding habits dragons like to take - they have good days and bad days too!

    I am also more than happy to take part in bloodswaps. Breeds include: almost anything, though 3G+ checkers may take time (yay for reaching the final stretch for the first of my scroll goals!)

    UPDATE: With the introduction of the new Avatars, I now breed Trios for those who need more in order to summon their Guardian of Nature dragons. What's even better I do it for free, so long as you're not at your GoN limit and don't already have an army of each Trio. Just send a (polite) PM my way and I will comply :)

    I'm always on the lookout for help in naming my dragons!!!

    I sometimes have trouble thinking of nice names for my Dragons. Then, there are names which are already taken, not to mention that I've recently reached 3k grown dragons. o_O So naturally, not all of my dragons are named. I do however follow some patterns. If a dragon's name somehow implements the word "Cave" (ex. Frozen Cave, Pink Prince of Cave), then that dragon is caveborn. For some specific breeds, I use other identifiers for CB:
    Red: names start with "A Heart Filled with"
    Speckle-Throat: name ends with "in Spring" or "of Spring" ONLY -- non-CB have "spring" names as well
    Royal Blue & Crimson: name contains only one 'trait'
    Seasonal: names start with "A Cave in"
    Trihorns: names end with "Gift" or "present" for both CB's and 2nd Gen dragons
    For others, I may have naming patterns, but I only identify CB dragons by memory. You can just ask me about those :)

    That said, there are no naming requirements for my dragons, and I do not mind freezing. However, I do not want you to kill or AP the dragons you get from me either through trading and *especially* if it's a gift. I would also really appreciate it if you tell me before getting the egg that you wish to bite or ND it.

    If I see one of my dragons is dead and you told me nothing about biting or ND, I will assume you killed it and will not ever let you have any of my babies again. My dragons will hiss when you approach, and attack if you get too close. They have good memories and will haunt you for eternity.

    This next bit is a reminder for myself
    The IOU list started getting long so I now archive completed IOU's here: https://sites.google.com/site/rulenneclarissa/dragon-cave/ious
    IOUs from me to [user]:
    ►Shadow Walker (0/1) <-- missed it, not sure if to consider fulfilled
    ►2nd gen Brown Copper from Brown Copper father x Royal Crimson (named) <-- breed meh a Copper already!
    White1143 (inactive)
    ►Pearl's kiddie
    norbercik: (inactive?)
    ✔ 2nd gen Avatar from Brute
    ►2nd gen male Goldfish hatchlings (3/8)
    ►2nd gen female Goldfish hatchlings (3/8)
    ✔ 2 Yellow Undine hatchlings
    ►2nd gen Avatar from GoN(f) x Brute (1/2)
    ►2nd gen Avatar from GoN(m) x Terrae (1/2)
    ►2nd gen Avatar from GoN(m) x Almadine
    ►2nd gen Avatar from GoN(f) x Almadine
    ►2nd gen Avatar from GoN(m) x Black Tea
    ►2nd gen Avatar from GoN(f) x Black Tea
    ►2nd gen Avatar from GoN(m) x Magi <~~ PLEASE breed me an Avatar, dear Guardians ;__;
    ✔ 2nd gen Avatar from GoN(f) x Tri-horn
    ✔ 2nd gen Bleeding Moon from Arsani
    ✔ baby from Golden Menoth
    ►CB Red hatchlings (21/22)
    IOUs from [user] to me:
    ►Nhiostrife hatchlings (CB or PB) (72/96)(63->3 behind)
    ✔ 6 Nhiostrife hatchlings