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    Breeding list for my first gen bronze shimmer is closed! Please note,that I'm giving 3rd or higher gen both shimmer and royal offsprings from Smaug for free to whoever asks for them! Wanna know more about lineage of Smaug? Look below! You can also send me your dragons's description (Smaug line only) to be added to the profile!

    The heritage of Smaug the Golden.

    Smaug, also known as Smaug the golden.

    Smaug is one of the few shimmer-scale dragons that are very cold-hearted to other dragons. When he in his young age met little human kid that called him The Golden Dragon, he was so proud that his bronze scales reminds of gold, that he started to call himself Smaug the Golden. That, also with his love for mammon led him to value gold more than friends. He has become unbelievable suspicious, mean and proud creature that cares only about himself, about his partner and about his golden treasure he hides inside one of the darkest underwater caves. He tries to get every gold, pearl, piece of silver or jewel he sees to enlarge his pile so hard, he will burn you to the little crispy stain only to get your possessions. His most favourite part of the day is night. He loves the reflection of The Great Arkenstone's silver curls in moonlight, although he never says anything, because he is afraid that she will see in his emerald green eyes how much he loves her.

    Arkenstone, also known as The Great Arkenstone
    - the partner of Smaug

    The Great Arkenstone is the only one dragon in the world that conquered the cold heart of Smaug. How she did that, how she got to his heart wrapped in a strong golden cocoon, she will never tell anyone. She is a charismatic young lady that loves flying as much as she enjoys morning breeze blowing all around her. With beautiful silver curls on her scales, you will surely remember her, when you catch a glimpse of her. Her eyes have the colour of sunset and when the moon looks from the sky to them, they start glowing like the clearest and biggest of jewels. Maybe this was that mystery weapon, that made Smaug fall in love with her. But... Who knows.

    Yum, also known as Little Yum goes to world
    - firstborn royal blue child of Smaug and Arkenstone

    The Little Yum was the very first descendant of Smaug the Golden and The Great Arkenstone. He inherited his father's passion for gold and his mother's amazing glamor. He flew away after his maturation to look for his own golden pile. After he found and won it, he proudly came back to his father to show off his skills, but his father said that he had pile od gold like his when he was just a small hatchling. Yum was so sad and disappointed, that he had never spoken with his father again. He hates everyone, who refers him as his father's reflection, so much Smaug hurt him.

    Pryftan, also known as Smaug Jr.
    - firstborn shimmer-scale child of Smaug and Arkenstone

    This dragon is the first shimmer-scale descendant of Smaug the Golden. When his father saw him the day he was born, he was really happy that someone will take his place in the pile of gold he had. To his luck, Pryftan became the complete reflection of his father's personality. He is proud, strong-headed dragon with undying love for all expensive things. The only thing he have from his mother are her beautiful sunset-colored eyes. When the time for him has come, Pryftan found his partner in the herd of Royal Blue dragons, like his father have done all those years ago, and fell in love with almost the same things his father did - with the pattern of his partner's silver curls, with her eyes but also with her pile of gold. That could have done only the child of Smaug.

    HEned, also known as The Hened one.
    - partner of Pryftan the Smaug Jr.

    The true and only name of this pretty dragon female is not known by anyone, not even by her partners. She tells only her nickname - Hened. And this is why is she known as ,,The Hened one.'' While she is older than her current partner, Pryftan the Smaug Jr, she allready has two children with another bronze shimmer-scale dragon, whom she left for the sake of Pryftan. She is really crazy dragon that does unbelievable things, but she don't miss the grace and beauty, that is typical for Royal Blue dragons.

    Tragu of the Misty Mountain
    - firstborn of Pryftan, the son of Smaug

    Like his father before him, Tragu was given a variation on the name of his famous grandfather, Smaug the Golden. As with others in his bloodline, he is a proud dragon who appreciates hordes of quality treasure. While he did not inherit his parent's aggressive personalities, he is an adventurous soul who loves to make detailed plans. He knows that too many dragons living in one area means less coveted treasure for each of them. When he comes of age he intends to embark on a great adventure to travel westward into the Blue Mountains to carve out a territory of his own and to amass a great fortune of precious metals and gems believed to be found there.

    Ceisiwr y Glas Dymestl, Blue Tempest Seeker
    - partner to Tragu of the Misty Mountain

    True to her name she is always seeking out the greatest of storms enjoying all of the disturbance and destruction they cause. With an adventurous streak as great as Tragu's, she is also intelligent, shrewd and calculated. She chose to join with Tragu believing he would be successful in his great adventure and was quietly pleased to learn that Tragu chose the Blue Mountains in her honor.
    !!Rules!!If you dont read these rules, dont ask me for dragon!!!

    1 You must have min. 15 adult dragons (Only if you want shimmer!)
    2 No BSA experimenting. Influencing and incubating ok.
    3 You must not have any shimmerscales (or not the same colored shimmer) on your scroll. (Only if you want shimmer!)
    4 Send me PM with your scroll link. If you have hidden eggs, send me a screen what type of egg do you have.
    5 Shimmer giveaway is also opened for donors, who haven't got any shimmer yet. But Newbies will be on first place.
    6 Dragon must be named.
    7 Post ,black and yellow, into the message when you will be asking for dragon, as proof that you read the rules
    8 You should say ,,thank you,, for every dragon you get.
    9 I dont like IOUs so much. If you really want to do it, we can make a deal, but its not best way for me.
    10 Breeding projects are opened
    11 You must not trade him/her. I will check it!
    12 Smaug's breeding has its own rules.
    13 coming soon

    Stipulation on NGPT, but this DOES aplly to all my other dragons! *:
    - No neglecting, killing, earthquaking, biting.
    - Can make a vampire egg for newbies.
    - Breeding especially metals and Shimmers.
    - Breeding Trio and tinsels.
    - Other dragons in my scroll are free to breed, too.
    - Breeding dorkfaces, Thuweds.
    - I will NOT hold eggs more than 12 hours.
    - Please dont ask for cleanly lineaged rares, when you havent got a mate for it.
    -PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR 2nd gen Shimmer!

    Rules when you receive a dragon via NGPT - this also does apply for non-NGPT dragons:
    1 Post it to the NGPT forum
    2 Name it<br>3 Do not abadon it
    4 Do not BSA it! (feritlity, influencing, summoning, fogging, using splash and incubating ok)
    5 Do not kill it!
    6 Do not make a zombie or neglected!
    7 It must stay on your scroll!

    *NGPT - The Newbie Gifting Project Thread

    Breeding list:

    SMAUG (If I forgot someone, feel free to let me know!)

    The IOUs for halloween hatchies
    Abby Current - did not respond to PM


    List of potential Smaug's alter partner breeding
    - flaming-june - Smaug x Pillow
    - Doublelift - Smaug X Nebula