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  1. This dropped on the last hour of my birthday, I got two of each! <3 <3 Anyone know what they filter as?
  2. Money says they're werewolf dragons
  3. I'm loving the 3spky fivme lmaooooo
  4. It seems i'm not being able to find ingredients? I've gotten ONE ingredient in the entire event :/
  5. I was completely ignored and still have yet to figure this out.
  6. Am I missing something? Because I'm not getting any ingredients from the biomes. I don't have any ingredients at all it seems.
  7. Whatever happened to the Inactive name claiming thing? https://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=161108
  8. I would absolutely LOVE this. I've always thought of this but i had figured it would probably be denied.
  9. It really is frustrating. I keep nabbing Red-Finneds. Missed a Xeno too... sigh Edit:..... And as i say that i got a xeno
  10. I am going to do Gold Lunars x Nebulas (of all colors, hopefully to get 4 3G checkers to breed together)
  11. I have a project, i want to breed these so badly to Nebulas... I just want one or two pairs of the brown Lunars but i could kill for all the golds in the world I knoowowow how it feels
  12. I really need more of those gold ones ;-; Now all that's dropping are brown lunars and nobody wants them, i have 5!
  13. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ouVfd 3G silver shimmerfail NEBULA <3 <3
  14. I Love Cassares, thanks Ansela, I'll be on the look out haha They remind me of Pumpkins :3
  15. I hear a series of small clicks in my left ear when it's quiet. Ear mites?
  16. ooh new eggs! I won't be online(I'm at school atm), if anyone is willing to try to catch me some, I'd be very willing to breed some things.. PM me
  17. How do we get things that aren't magical items??
  18. You have another thread, What happened to this though?
  19. I wonder how long people have to respond? Do we know when backup winners will be sent out?
  20. wooo hello, I've started doing digital art too