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I AM A CB CODE HUNTRESS. Similarly, almost always have codes to trade. Check in with me if you have something good for trade!

I accept IOUS

Holy cow guys, I have not been on in ages. I will accept any uncommon/new dragons from the last YEAR on trades(with exceptions).

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    COlCA, COHED, CMBRI, KILGN, CLDIO,' OR Coheed and Cambria related codes

    Inappropriate or word codes

    I sprite!

    My time: 11PM MY time = 12:00 AM DC Time

    angelicdragonpuppy ~ 1/4 Male Ember hatchlings
    beautifuldragon5000 ~ Cassare x F0XeD X2

    RulenneClarissa~Offspring from SMD(Tin) x Irony Ended

    Saynna~ All # code dragons(preferred white) (for Grave x Shimmer 4G)
    IOU to me:
    ~IOU's forgiven~
    Codes traded:
    TheGrox ~ (08457)
    --Note for people inquiring trades:--
    ~I'm not usually interested in a bunch of common hatchlings for trades.

    ~I will not accept any PRIZE dragon above FIFTH(5th) generation. (unless gifted, just not for trade)

    ~If I say that I am not accepting any trades until a certain time(usually the night that the trade was created or the morning after) Then unless i get a super AMAZING offer, I will not accept until that time. This means that i am considering your offer in comparison to others or waiting for a possible better offer to decide if i want to keep the thing being traded, or go ahead and agree with the trade.

    ~Please no begging...
    I casually collect CB BBW Low Time EGGS and Hatchlings
    High Priorities(in order)
    3-4G Prize dragons(4Gs are less desirable to me as i have a lot now)
    CB/ PB Gold
    CB/ PB Silver
    Codes i want: **MUST BE CB**
    ANY Naughty codes! (5ex counts!)
    Moist(any forms fitting)
    MeeX (X can be any number/letter, any caps mix!)
    IssX (X can be any letter/number any caps )
    BlowX(Xcan be any letter/number any caps)
    Ascam(any forms fitting)
    ThisX(X can be any letter/number any caps)
    Ermah(any forms fitting)
    Foxes(or anything along the lines of fox)
    Wolvs(or anything along the lines of wolf)
    Hound(or anything along the lines of hound)
    Doges(or anything with Doge in the code)
    Gerds(any forms fitting)
    Power(any forms fitting)
    Voodu(Voodo or any forms fitting)
    Vodka(Or anything fitting)
    Tmblr(yeah... i really want this one)
    Slaye(or anything fitting)
    Zebra(any forms fitting)
    Finch(Any forms fitting)
    Casey(any forms fitting)
    Feret(Any forms fitting)
    DRAGONS I ENJOY COLLECTING(Good ideas for trade with me!)
    CB Coppers
    CB MALE Guilded Bloodscales Hatchlings
    CB Speckle Throated Hatchlings
    CB word(mainly Animal coded) coded **
    CB Golds!
    2nd gen Thuwed
    PRETTY AND UNUSUAL LINEAGES(especially checkersand perfect stairs !) FROM RED, PINK, BLUE, BLACK, PURPLE, AND GOLD(not yellow) COLORS LIKE:
    Pink and Blue stair http://dragcave.net/lineage/YUmcV
    Pink and Gold http://dragcave.net/lineage/fJDga
    BLACK http://dragcave.net/lineage/ARlXK
    Medium priority
    (would need 2+ hatch for rares)
    Nicely lineaged golds/ silvers
    Alt blacks (Short gen/nice lin)
    Checkerboard Dark X light colors or reds/reddish pink lineages
    3rd EG Thuwed(s)
    Low priority
    (for common trades)
    Recipe calls for multiple hatchings*
    4th, 5th,6th generation PB or almost PB vine hatchlings for freezing NON ALT

    ANY LINEAGED red hatchlings***
    CB BBWs & other nice commons

    Current Rares and Prize Lineages
    LG Silvers and Golds:

    CB Gold -Precious Atrum Mortis (Female)

    CB Gold -Bismuthum (Male)

    2G -Purebred PT2 Gold (Female)
    -Mate: Auturp (Male Turpentine 2G from Gold Father)

    3G (Dwd Stair) -A Precious Sun

    4G (upwd stair) From Frill-rewid

    4G (dwd Stair) From Frill -Frilly Golden Dress

    2G -Purebred PT2 Silver


    3EG Silver Yukrin(from Abby and HQoC) Mate: --

    -4G Bronze Crazy Little Ferret(from CLD) Mate: CB Calm Large Rabbit
    Owned Children:

    4G Prowling Slain IIII (from ProwI) - Mate: Soele
    Owned Children:

    4G Bronze Grave Bagshine(From Bilbo) -Mate: Soul Faces

    4G Bronze Frillicia Day(from Haku x Frill imperfect) - Mate: --


    -4G Silver Medal's Silver Dawn(From Dawn's Silver Medal) Mate: Dawn Of The Silver Medal
    Owned Children:
    Benny's SPACESHIP

    4G Gold Beo Shoke(from Apollo) - Mate: --

    4G Bronze Bronzed-Ivy (From Bronze Ivy) - Mate: Somewhere Behind You

    4G Silver DCG Gracious(from Penk) - Mate: Domino The Destitute
    Rares and Prize Dragons I NEED
    3G Tinsels of ANY line (NOT DEADLINES)
    3-4G Shimmers of ANY line (Again, NO DEADLINES)
    CB Golds
    CB Silvers!
    Please PM me for offers if you are looking at this, you don't have to offer something from the list as i may have forgotten some of the dragons :)

    I absolutely love dragons with a PASSION! i also do a lot of sketches and artwork.
    I have 5 ferrets, 2 cockatiels, 2 zebra finches, 2 cats, and 2 rabbits-basically a beginners zoo :P
    Coda, Stiv Bators, Tubesock, Lydia, Leia, Ian Curtis, Singerboy(Beo), Lux Interior, Tahny, Betty, Buddy, Frank, Mimzy,.

    Rest in Peace:
    Wendy O, Poison Ivy, Lolita, Hagrid, Handsome Rob, Ari-Up, Meanboy(Buddy).