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  1. Lovely place with a wonderful community If you're not good with fourm that has too many people, DBC is the right choice for ya People on here are amazing and won't hesitate to help ^^ Come join us~~
  2. Herp derp, I have a day three hatchling called "200bc" Ahah.... ahaha.....
  3. Yaaaay~ new coastal eggie! Thanks TJ~ and the spriters :3
  4. Whoaa, so many thanks TJ and the spriters!
  5. These look so beautiful!! My favorite release out of the 7 yet! Thanks TJ and everyone who's involved~ (Already caught 5!!)
  6. Merp, this one seems easier than the black caps, I caught three already 5 min ago.... Anyways, thank TJ and the artists
  7. Thanks TJ and everyone involved!! I've locked myself with 7 after 1 hour and 20 min of hunting Good luck everyone. And HBD Dragon Cave~
  8. Waaah~ I can't wait <3 thanks TJ! I love the number 7!!
  9. Gift Report: heather8899 -> Minibobini: 3rd Gen Gold Metallic: Gold And... uh, I'm gifting back from my glomp gift. Sooo, do I post the other one as well? Gift report: heather8899 -> Minibobini: 3rd Gen Gold Metallic: Gold
  10. http://dragcave.net/teleport/a4db258a93e61...43d91ffff81a4f1 2 CB Vampires up for grabs. Please take care of them, and name them after the biter.
  11. Gift Report: PerfectLulu -> heather8899: silver Metallic received: clicky (I think that's how you do this? I'm not sure, please edit if I did something wrong o-o) Thank you PerfectLUlu
  12. I want to bite/gift Forum Name: heather8899 PM Link: here I don't mind being contacted? Yes/No: Nope Special requirements about your gifts? - You get my gift, that vamp it's yours, no one else's. don't. trade. - No ND experimenting, abandoning or killing - Please give them a name - LOVE AND CARE FOR THEM <3 I want to be removed Forum Name: heather8899