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  1. It's a Russian saying Second Place Prize. Cegond Blace Prize. You get them in spriting contests. How do you get an alt dragon?
  2. This... is fantastic. https://dragcave.net/lineage/sPxHQ EDIT: So I caught a mate for it... I have never been this emotionally conflicted. https://dragcave.net/lineage/bNGMU
  3. Decided to give this one to a fellow Whovian (or at least someone who has a TARDIS in their sig. SpaceShuttleFan --> omgitskairi: Golden Wyvern: COMPLETED Mission accomplished. Nyeheheheheheheh.
  4. Yes, recessions can't be erased in a few years. But what can a President do? He can try his hardest to turn it around as fast as possible. It may be 10 years vs. 20. I just haven't seen Obama truly trying. He's just tossing expensive stimulus packages out and hoping they work. Greece and Spain could be what the US looks like in a few years if things keep going like this. I don't recall Obama ever stating that his father was from Kenya. The Obama speech that I really remember was the one where he said that small business owners weren't responsible for their success. That was sickening.
  5. I also find it ironic passing by fast-food chains that have Help Wanted signs up. If a McDonald's can't get workers, then the economy is really messed up. And Obama is not the one responsible for killing bin Laden. It's awesome that he was killed, but he was killed by SEAL Team Six. Standing and watching him get killed is not killing him. The search for bin Laden started the day the Twin Towers fell. It just happened to be in Obama's term when they caught and killed him.
  6. I also love that Obama never mentions that his father was from Kenya.
  7. I looked at the links. I thought they were correct. And the road we are on isn't one to recovery. Just because the unemployment rate went down by .5% doesn't mean it'll stay that way. That happened many times during Obama's first term. I don't get why people are hailing a small decrease in the jobless numbers as our way out of the jobs crisis. I'll regret my decision to support Romney when Obama can get the jobless rate down to below 6% and keep it there.
  8. The reason he can be blamed for it is that he had a chance to fix it, or at least get us on the road to recovery. He didn't in his first term, and I highly doubt he will in his second.
  9. The Bush blaming strikes again! Seems like all of this nation's problems aren't Obama's fault, they're Bush's problems. About the 50,000 dollar dinner thing... It sounds cruel, but it's correct. These people want Obama to stay in office so they can continue to ride on the unemployment benefits and Obamacare and Planned Parenthood and all of those things that are paid for by people who worked hard to get the wealth they have. They're essentially being forced to pay for the lives of people who are just riding the benefit stream.
  10. Fighting about what? Getting people jobs doesn't involve the Senate and House. It involves supporting people that can create jobs with a stable economy, not giving them a ton of money. If anything requires Senate/House approval, it would be pouring millions into auto companies so you can get people to vote for you. I can see why they wanted Obama as a one-term president.
  11. The only time that that was his priority was that was about September to now. The rest of the time, he was enjoying the White House. I agree that people need to get jobs. I'm not sure our "leader" can do that, though. Unless he can actually do something about the economy that is failing right under his nose.
  12. If Obama does his second term the way he did his first, it probably will. We'll have to sell the West Coast to China to pay of the debt Obama's built up.
  13. I hope you all have fun watching the US crumble. You'd better start learning Chinese.
  14. Shouldn't have used Incubate on my Marrows earlier... ;_;
  15. Awesome! The people affected by Sandy (I'm praying for them) get their eggs, and I can stay up late and grab my eggs. It's a win-win.
  16. Ugh... where are the Halloweens in the AP?
  17. My revised plan: Stay up late one week before Halloween and grab all of the past holidays I can. Hopefully, they'll grow up before that week and I will have all of my slots free for Halloween 2012s.
  18. I'd like to join! http://dragcave.net/lineage/cK1qE
  19. My plan (Bronze Trophy): One past holiday egg. I'm hoping it will be a Black Marrow, but there will be of competition for that... Four new ones. I'm hoping I can get at least one male and one female.... I'm rushing like crazy to get a male Pink for influencing, since the gender system constantly curses me with females. Also, I have one Purple Ridgewing frozen right now as zombie fodder. May the odds be ever in my favor...
  20. Just got my bronze trophy by freezing a ridgewing hatchie.
  21. Have: Gagnam Style Want: Offers! PM me.