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  1. I'm about to finish Devil Survivor, and I'm thinking of playing SMT IV next instead of DeSu 2. I have always only been into Persona, so it's exciting to dive into the rest of the games in the SMT series.
  2. That's crazy! Similar to Germany, we also have to go through an eye test, then you go to driving school where you take 28 hours of theory classes followed by a theory exam. When you pass your theory exam, you go through 32 hours of practical lessons where you drive with a licensed instructor, followed by a driving exam where the examiner is not your instructor. I failed my first exam because I was so nervous I let the car die going uphill (manual gears) OTL If you fail, you have to go through more hours of driving lessons... When I got my license, we didn't have the first aid course but I believe they wanted to implement it. I'm not sure if they ever did.
  3. happy valentines! The egg looks really pretty
  4. Support! Sounds really neat. And it would follow the popular zombie lore. As someone who only has 1 zombie, I honestly wouldn't mind that. I hate making zombies because I hate the whole idea behind it (yes, even if they are just sprites, sorry). So even such a small chance through an alternative method would be better than none at all for me.
  5. I mean adding the possbility to buy a custom code to the market, not because of the raffle but as a market improvement. It could be a one-time thing or a once-per-year purchase. I'd rather have that option, even if it was very expensive and limited, than not having it at all. But if people think it would be game breaking, then I wouldn't be opposed to adding that option as another tier in the raffle. Just so that option still exists somehow.
  6. Even if it was a very limited action? Say, once per year or just one time opportunity and never again? Or would be nice to see it added as another prize tier to the raffle. So users could win the normal Tinsel and Shimmer or a custom-coded common dragon
  7. I'm neutral on the shards as consolation prize, since I don't care much about shards or the raffle. But personally I'd love to see an option to buy a dragon with a personalized code in the market. Of course, this would have to have a lot of restrictions, like a high price and a long cooldown (for example you could only do it once per year or something). And of course untradeable, so users wouldn't be able to bypass the system by purchasing custom codes from other people.
  8. LaHaine


    From Blackpink, it's Whistle. From Twice, it's Likey too! I hope BP gets an album this year... You could see how bored they were from performing the same songs at this year's year-end shows lol BTS is my favorite group, so I have difficulty choosing a favorite song lol My top 10 is probably (in no particular order): Epilogue: Young Forever Intro: Serendipity Baepsae Spring Day Lie Intro: Boy Meets Evil Blood, Sweat & Tears House of cards I Need U War of Hormone
  9. So ever since the first day of the event (before the first maintenance), I keep getting "An error has occured" both when I try to get a flower and when I try to access the cards page. At first, I didn't really mind, so I waited it out, but I kinda want to see the cards I got and try to send a few back before the event ends... I tried different browsers and clearing the cache. I had to format my pc a few days ago, so the problem is not the cache for sure. The last thing I remember doing before this started: When the dragon finished searching, I got the flower and then I went back to the previous page and hit refresh. The page was taking a long time to load, so I hit refresh again and then the error started. The page for the cards also started giving the same error after that. Thank you in advance!
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    Yup. Currently, I'm a big fan of BTS, Block B, Blackpink and Twice And years ago, I used to listen to SNSD, f(x) and 2ne1
  11. Thank you! I will see if it gets fixed in the maintenance
  12. This happened with the blue banded for me, so it's not related to the dragon or the flower... I did the same mistake I think. I think I went back after getting the flower and refreshed and started getting the error
  13. I'm getting an error too. I tried clearing the cache and a different browser and nothing... Which dragon did you last select?
  14. I think specific dragons give specific items. Some just gave me one, some gave me 3. It started giving me an error after I got a flower from the blue banded dragon though... I can't seem to access anything from the event, not even the cards ;_;
  15. So they released the expansion. Have you guys been trying it out? I keep getting classic roles, but I've won as Guardian Angel 3 times. I played it before on the test server and I was almost every role there, but in the live version I seem to keep getting roles like sheriff, lookout and vigilante lol The new roles make the game more fun than with the typical mafia, in my opinion. I don't think the rolelists are that ideal yet though. With all of these new roles, I think rotating rolelists for each mode would be better honestly. However, despite really liking this expansion, it seems to me that it was just made to fight Throne of Lies (which honestly is pretty sucky and I doubt it will ever be competition unless they massively screw up). The fact that it costs extra gives it a bitter taste as well, specially after the division of the coins by making almost every customization item only obtainable with real currency. I understand they need money for the servers, don't get me wrong, but I was used to the old model of the game and they are introducing way too many money-only extras at once. -------- There's also a rumor about a new achievement for the Coven. Supposedly if no one picks a name, everyone gets an achievement. But I wasn't able to verify if it's true or not yet, since people keep trolling all attemps lol
  16. I saw 2 party pikachu in the morning, but didn't stop to go get them. I didn't think they would be rare, since Santachus were pretty common last time, so I didn't really make an effort to go catch them So much regret.
  17. Got no evolution items on my 7th day either Corsola is appearing in Brazil and Florida too I believe Map for regional exclusives, according to people's reports: Here People are saying it's going to be a seasonal pokemon, because its description says it migrates to warm water, but I'm not so sure Niantic would be that kind lol I'm getting a bit annoyed at all these regional exclusives to be honest, I don't even like Mr. Mime and it's the only one I get here I really hope trading is online, and not in person...
  18. I only have 1 Kings rock (used to evolve slowking) and 1 metal coat, I will see what my 7th streak tomorrow gives
  19. 51, and I have seen but not caught Misdreavous, Stantler and Swinub. The ones I haven't seen at all are Larvitar, Mareep, Miltank, Shuckle, Corsola and Sneasel so this plus the babies plus the evolutions with items will make this take a while lol @Husker the gen 2 spawns seem to be equivalent to their gen 1 spawns here too, in the biomes I visit at least. I don't have a Charizard yet because charmanders are very rare and I have only seen 1 cyndaquil and 1 quilava in the wild so far, so I'm guessing it's gonna be hard for Typhlosion too. Swinubs are the same rarity as drowzees it seems, according to Reddit, so that means they are gonna be rare for me too lol Snubbuls are incredibly uncommon here as well, despite many people having them spawn like rattata everywhere else lol
  20. So I'm pretty sad that Mareep is this rare, considering it's my favorite pokemon of this gen Haven't seen a single one, despite seeing a lot of starters I think I've seen everything except Unown and the Mareep and Larvitar lines actually (not counting the babies and item evolutions), my gen 2 pokedex is already looking better than my gen 1 pokedex in the first month edit: Just checked, haven't seen Miltank, Shuckle, Corsola and Sneasel either (plus heracross, delibrid and smeargle of course)
  21. Pretty hyped to finally see some shadows again! I'm still missing 12 pokemon from gen 1 (apart from legendaries and region exclusives), but I'm getting excited for catching spinaraks and hoothoots now lol
  22. Did you try climb down? If that doesn't work, clear your cookies