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  1. The clan was in an emotional pit. The chances of the Harvest dragon's survival was very low. On top of that, Geralze hadn't made it to the camp yet, and didn't have much protection against the cold. Suddenly a shadow appeared over the group. It was Guardian in the Sky, circling and trying to find a place to land. "Bringer...tiful Harvests...fine... her telepathy was weakened by the distance. She found a cave to rest in, and Geralze is taking care of her, she said, landing on a snowdrift. "Geralze is with her then. Good." G'Lant sighed in relief. "We'll go to them after
  2. ...Can't say I'm that emotionally opposed to the idea as some, since I don't invest emotions into the game. I still don't freeze often though, unless I really like the sprite. I try to keep invreds off my scroll too, so I'll often just raise an inbred egg then abandon it when it hatches. My first Freeze was a Terrae. I froze it because I liked the idea of having a miniature plant-like dragon, and adut Terraes seemed too huge and bulky. I then froze a Water Walker because its s1 sprite looks so funny.
  3. I know what it is If I have to pick another...Queen of Paint.
  4. Sure! You can initiate the encounter. I'm thinking of providing support to the people who are fighting. My clan is too weak to do much about it, but it can still help.
  5. I was looking for a Spitfire today, but couldn't find any. I'm pretty sure the experiment is working
  6. And one more Terrae! http://dragcave.net/teleport/9ac5ecdc96dca...77535f0dfa1a2d7
  7. I'd like to join! Join Date: 02/06/13 Forum Name: greatguy Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/greatguy PM Link: http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=M...DE=4&MID=193892 Proof I read the Rules: Grey
  8. I'm sorry for being on hiatus :/ Is anyone near a mountain-y place? I'm not sure where to go exactly, so traveling with someone would be appreciated. I haven't really followed the RP...I'll be reading over the entire thing to figure out where everyone is.
  9. Thanks, but I don't wanna contract the brony virus.
  10. G'Lant sighed. The blizzard was too powerful to make it through. Thunder's Sound roared a command, and the other flying dragons swooped down into the nearby valley and landed. People began untying themselves from the dragons they were riding. Geralze, swiftly tailing the flying dragons, also went down into the valley. All dragons with the ability to breathe fire snorted amd tried their best to produce flame. The falling snow made it near-impossible to keep a steady stream, however, and the dragons gave up. Instead, the clan's dragons spread their wings over the humans and provided
  11. Look, the thing is that we can't KNOW if it's human or not. Would you gamble human lives? It's like betting that if you throw a knife blindly in an orchestra, you won't hit someone. You don't have to know the ice on a lake is thin for you to tell children to get off it. It's a risk that's really not worth taking.
  12. I was using the third definition, but O.K. Uhm, does "moral crime" work then? But back on topic: @LascielsShadow, is abuse better or worse than pornography? I do not condone pornography, prostitution, or sex appeal. Still, I wouldn't stop people from doing such things because they have a right to do them. Religons (including mine) have no right to force others to obey their teachings. This also applies to personal codes of ethics.
  13. I...don't care? I tear my fingernails out of habit, but I really can't say I have a preference o__O
  14. Ok, we should have a standard definition of what a 'crime' is. My definition is, "an act commited by a human which threatens or hurts the life, property, or freedom of another human without mutual consent by both parties, with the exemption of retribution for crimes commited by the victim." Lawbreaking is occasionally a crime, and sometimes not a crime. Or "crime" can be replaced with another word. We just need to understand each other.
  15. ...Nah. I'd have people asking where my depressing signature went.
  16. Once upon your dead body. All of them are great though
  17. I agree. I'm nonviolent as a rule, and I wouldn't use one even in self-defense. I do think people should be allowed to own them though.
  18. Can you give any examples of this? (A You're reading disturbing material. Seriously, your spine statement is putting me on edge. (B This isn't just Western culture. Over 95% of human culture incorporates forms of arousal. In the first century, female hair was considered arousing, like breasts are today. It isn't just us. Heck, look up how sexually active Puritans were. (I won't in depth here) Crimes which don't hurt anyone and are completely consensual are oxymorons. Raping hurts. Murder hurts. Theft hurts. Arson hurts. Explain how every single individual can be
  19. 3? I want to get dihydrogen monoxide banned I can discuss the concept of color charge in great detail I want to study helioseismology