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  1. Gentleman Wyvern Jazling is mine! Also, you're on DC too much >< 51 pages is too much.
  2. Granted, but only your corpse can go. I wish nobody corrupts my wish.
  3. Granted, but a dragon eats you. I wish I was dead. (Not really, just in the game)
  4. I had a cough drop for breakfast... I was feeling pretty terrible :/ I'm hungry now though, so maybe I'll eat something.
  5. G'Lant blinked. That wasn't what he expected. But an invitation into a cave? No, they wouldn't accept it, G'Lant decided. It was too dangerous. Silently, Thunder's Sound wheeled back toward the assembled clan. "It's fine," G'Lant announced. "I doubt they're hostile, but this is their territory. Let's go." The clan gave a collective sigh. The humans began tying themselves to the dragons again. The blizzard should let up soon, Thunder's Sound said. But I don't want a repeat of this. I'll go look for a peaceful place we can flee to. "I'll ride on Yog-Saggoth then
  6. Obama's killed countless people. And it really doesn't need a reason. Not only are wars killing and driving U.S. soldiers insane, the other sides have it worse because they can't defend themselves. I mean, a wedding party. The groom must have been devastated. Speaking of American politics, if you've ever studied ancient Rome's fall, you should find it creepy how similar it is to the U.S. Two empires falling almost exactly the same ways. Overexpansion, difficulty maintaining limits of the Empire, wars with "barbarians," debt borrowed to pay for the wars, and rapid inflation
  7. I wasn't aware dragcave was a large source of income, but even if it is, don't you think you're being a little demanding? You're not the customer; the people who post ads are the customers. You get all this for free. Just say, "It's a good idea," or "I disagree," and state why. That said, I thought there was a chain of command--newbs, members, moderators, global moderators, and TJ. I believe there's an Invision feature thst allows you to recieve PMs from moderators only. I don't know how TJ would feel about it, but he could just recieve PMs from moderators, who've sorted t
  8. Don't hate those people. They usually just want to protect their property. I love wolves, though their tendency to kill so much has ruined their reputation among many people.
  9. Your coyote quote made my day. Yeah, people can easily outrun a pack of coyotes that not only have lifetimes of experience hunting and running, they have to run for survival. So yes, run away from the coyotes. And bears. And leopards. And cheetas. Because at this point, it doesn't matter which creature you're trying to outrun; you will die anyway. Also, did you read what anyone said about shooting raccoons with a shotgun? It kills them slowly and painfully. About your bears--as someone else stated, they frequently get into trash cans and farms, destroying massive amount
  10. "Peace, if possible," G'Lant said icily. "We don't wish for trouble. We're going to leave once the blizzard stops." I've summoned some thunderclouds. It's right above and behind them. It won't kill many of them, but it should let the clan escape, Thunder's Sound said privately to G'Lant. Static electricity jumped through G'Lant's hair. If Thunder's Sound released the pent up electricity, both he and G'Lant would certainly die.
  11. Foe, because that's a depressing signature.
  12. Okay, now I wish I had a Grey dragon. Oh well :/ Okay, things are picking up. Btw, my clan isn't very...warlike. It's more of a defending militia, since the surrounding clans aren't too large. So in a fight or flight situation, flight is the answer 90% of the time.
  13. There were about ten seconds of silence after the first fire erupted in the sky. Well, they obviously aren't concerned with stealth, Thunder's Sound telesaid. "That means they either aren't trying to hurt us, or they're confident that they can win a fight." G'Lant exhaled sharply. Thunder's Sound spread his wings. We'll take care of them. Guardian, make sure everyone can fly away quickly. We'll stall them for enough time for you to do that. If it comes to a fight, we can't win. G'Lant mounted Thunder's Sound. "If worst comes to worst, we can generate a thunderstorm. That
  14. My Water Walker, Geralze, My Electric, Thunder's Sound, My Stone, Creature of the Stone, My Nocturne, Church Dweller. I've never had an egg die by accident (Though by chance a lot were killed by Earthquakes, Bites, and manual kills)