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  1. Bringer of Plentiful Harvests sighed. I'm useless. Why can't I do anything? After thinking for a while, she lowered her head. I wish Geralze was still here. ............................................................ Yog-Saggoth suddenly plummeted down towards the earth as her wings momentarily ceased to function. She quickly got over it and pulled up sharply. When she ascended again, she glanced back at G'Lant, placidly seated on her back. "You're dying? Why haven't you said anything? You have to appoint a successor, make plans for a funeral..." Yog-Saggoth
  2. Too easy, Imperial Blue thought. I was right; they don't know-- "Imperial Blue?" Geralze asked. "We are concealed. What's happening?" They seem to want to find G'Lant. They don't know where it is..." Imperial Blue relayed her encounter with the Tri-Horn Wyvern. "...And he let you go? Just like that?" Geralze asked. "Yeah. I'm probably being spied on by the clan here. With my surroundings, I'd say three dragons could be hidden, waiting to follow me. Possibly less, but I'm not good at fights. And even one could relay my position by telepathy." Geralze was silent f
  3. Seriously? While--*cough*--I may not "love" any of my dragons, I certainly wouldn't have done that either :R I wonder who the owner was.
  4. "Where my clan is? I have a good idea of their general location," Imperial Blue said, eyeing the wyvern suspiciously. "He's probably trying to find their real location and attack. I'll have to throw him off my trail before returning to G'Lant then," Imperial Blue thought. "Geralze, can you still hear me? You need to hide with the Harvest dragon," Imperial Blue telerelayed.
  5. I count myself lucky that I just got a repulse, actually. I didn't want the egg and I had to wait 5 hours to abandon it.
  6. Wow, I finally managed to get one! And I also seem to have clicked a Pillow in the process as well. Huh.
  7. Imperial Blue was worried. Tri-horn Wyverns, she knew, were generally a strong breed, whereas she had trouble hunting. Nevertheless, she remained placid and blinked at him. "Yes, I am a member of G'Lant. Do you have buisness with us?"
  8. Imperial Blue sensed something. Another dragon was nearby. Imperial Blue continued flying and focused on the soft sound of wingbeats. The sound was coming from... Directly behind her. Imperial Blue suddenly dived downwards and swooped up a few meters behind her original position, facing the back of her follower. "Did you want something with me?" Imperial Blue asked.
  9. Yog-Saggoth was worried. Very worried. G'Lant had let his thoughts wander, and even though she wasn't trying to eavesdrop, she gleaned much information from his jumbled thoughts. His primary concern was for the three dragons now seperated from the main group. That was understandable. And there were worries about the disappearances happening, and of the rumors of demonic spirits in the forms of dragons that feasted on the lifeblood of both humans and dragons. This was also unserstandable. But there was also a worry that was unexplained. Yog-Saggoth could only infer that it had somet
  10. My theory on Ice/Thunder/Magma eggs is that magic is used to catch them. If that's so, it still doesn't make sense why their parents wouldn't accept the eggs again. Strange.
  11. I personally don't care, as I'll never be using it. But should this be CC or BCC? CC isn't always desirable, and there doesn't seem to be an advantage over BCC .__.
  12. I want to be removed Forum Name: greatguy
  13. I've used it a lot. 90% of the time nothing happens, and a few weeks ago I got my first casualty. It often works though.
  14. The Silmarillion, by J.R.R. Tolkien and Christopher Tolkien. It's excellent.
  15. I'm not a member; I just happen to like Spitfires and would like to have some for breeding projects. I'm just recommending that more things like this be cut down to a month, or even six months.
  16. Question: Do only messy lineaged dragons count, and if so, what qualifies as "messy?"
  17. Result of my Night in Vegas. That is really funny.
  18. Guys, I have a request: Don't let it be all year next time. This experiment is successful. I haven't seen any Spitfire eggs for months. I'm just saying...It's difficult for anyone to get Spitfires, so if this happens again let the breed change every month or so, please.
  19. http://dragcave.net/teleport/0df6a7f6ceb5b...9575d0c60f4535d A poor Grey egg was abandoned by its parents because it was born the wrong breed. Will anyone give it a home?
  20. Unnamed Nebula Star killed by the pow'r of Earth Tragic irony I'm working on it.
  21. I summoned mine a couple months ago, but haven't tried to get a new one yet. Maybe I should try sometime.